Mess Dress/No 1's


I plan on getting married in my No 1's. Granted I make it look good and it's tailored. More importantly saves me buying a suit.

Might even get my sword out. Just to cut the cake I hasten to add.
farmer_jack said:
wompingwillow said:
I know of a man who was married in his sea cadets uniform!

Now that really IS a bit sad.......

Just the sort of dedicated man we want running the SCC though... fine upstanding chap and all that... :)
WW was he of legal age to get married or did he get some young girl pregant, sorry couldnt help it . :D


I can understand if he's the one getting married, but if you're only attending as guests and it's not a military wedding then i would say NO.


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It should be fine for a reservist to wear uniform to get married.

In smarter regiments in the army, the custom is for the groom to be in morning dress but to have a guard of honour in uniform doing the wedding arch with their swords. The sword arch is also done in the RN, but in weddings I have attended normally the groom is also in uniform.

Other traditions are for the ship one of whose officers is getting married to hoist a garland to the masthead, and for the happy couple to be 'towed' in their car by a party of ratings.


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Don't wear rig to a civvy wedding, they will think you are there to drive the cars. (Officers and senior rates). Of course a JR could deputise for the sweep, who used to apear for luck, and invite every one to touch his collar.

Posh army always wear civvy morning suits, but they own them, not Moss Bross.

It might be considered bad taste for officers to wear rig to a ratings wedding as they might be accused of trying to upstage the most important people on the day.

Having said all that, do what the happy couple want. At a Wardroom Splicing this Saturday only nominated people are in rig. The bride is in civvys, so some other mess members will be as well. Quite right too!


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I got married in square rig (at the missus request) and my oppos from the unit also wore their rig. What I did was to put a letter in to the CO requesting permission formally - which he readily agreed.

Saves a fortune at Moss Bros! And it looks good in the phots. And when you look at said phots in 20 years time, you won't look as much as a numpty as you would have done in your turn of the century morning suit... :D


Just a point to add perhaps, if he's a S/LT then he may want to consider carrying a sword. My oppo whose a LT got married in rig and had a guard of honour in rig with swords, it looked the dogs down belows. They can be signed from Collingwood on loan, not sure if other establishments have this facility though. Hope this helps
I knew a young sub who drove his car from Culdrose to Plymouth with his sword strapped on, plenty of footpads anticipated on the journey? Point of interest, he was a fishhead.