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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by dontdolanguages, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. I am currently accomodated in the wo&sr mess at Drake, and pay a mess bill accordingly. The equivalent mess at my place of work is now demanding I pay a mess bill there also, despite the fact I don't use that mess, or gain any of the benefits of the livers in (much cheaper drink,free wets etc) . What is the official line on this, because I don't intend paying for a mess I don't use and subsidising it.
  2. I've had something similar to this in the past when working at RM Stonehouse and living in the WO & SR's mess at Drake due to accom problems. I paid my mess bill for Drake (luckily it was cheaper) and then just showed the Treasurer of the mess at Stonehouse a receipt for my mess bill at Drake. He was then happy. I only used the mess at Stonehouse for lunch, being PAYD, I just claimed it back on JPA as I was victualled in Drake.
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    You have to do this when on course also, but you can claim a refund at your parent establishment. You cannot be made to pay two sets of mess subs permanently, your UPO should be able to find the relevant regulations, but you CAN get reimbursed. Good luck with it.
  4. If memory serves me correctly, the course has to be over 2 weeks in length to get 'pinged' for mess subs, I could of course be wrong!
  5. I can look for the where the rules are laid down tomorrow, but for now, I can tell you that it says you must be a member of a mess (singular). It is entirely up to you which one. Drake have a system where lodger units SR's messes pay a sum to Drakes SR's mess. Drake is likely to be cheaper, but the advantage of belonging to your own mess is that you get the benefits of both. The treasurer at Drake is a nice bloke, and it is worth going to have a chat with him. BTW, is the other one 30?
  6. Which sometimes is impossible!
  7. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You are correct IIRC.
  8. Impossible is nothing!

    (I think I know what specifically you mean, but I believe the rules state you must be a member of a mess.)
  9. The rules in QR's (I think) do indeed state that, but like a lot of rules they probably require a 'tweak'.
  10. many thanks for the replies gents, and coicidentally, it is RM Stonehouse where i am having the problems at the mo. apparently, if i don't pay up by monday, i'm getting charged (what with, i have no idea), so i'm off to find a DII terminal now!
  11. The treasurer of the mess at Stonehouse must have changed as 3 years ago it wasn't a problem. Good luck.
  12. Link to QRRN Ch81.

    Relevant bits:-

    8145. Warrant Officers’ and Senior Rates’ Messes
    1. Every Warrant Officer and Chief Petty Officer is to be a member of a Warrant Officers’ and
    Chief Petty Officers’ mess or combined Senior Rates mess at their place of duty, where such
    a mess is available. Every Petty Officer is to be a member of a Petty Officers’ mess or
    combined Senior Rates mess at their place of duty, where such a mess is available. In
    exceptional circumstances Commanding Officers have discretion to exempt WO’s CPO’s and
    PO’s from mess membership or to allow them to hold membership at an alternative mess,
    should use of the mess be proved impracticable for an individual. Similarly, when a WO, CPO
    or PO is accommodated in a ship or establishment different from his place of duty, and messes
    exist at both places, consideration should be given to waiving or reducing subscriptions
    depending on the circumstances, so that the total amount paid by the rating is not excessive.
    2. All mess members are to pay monthly mess subscriptions as determined by the mess
    committee and as stated in the mess rules. When WO’s CPO’s and PO’s are temporarily
    detached from their normal place of duty, they will become temporary or honorary members of
    their respective messes at that temporary place of duty. Temporary members are those who
    are detached from their parent unit for periods of more than 14 days and are to pay
    subscriptions at their temporary place of duty. For periods up to 14 days, honorary membership
    is to be granted, with mess subscriptions being paid at the normal place of duty.
  13. Well, looking at the QRRN section above, it's not looking good. Stonehouse do charge a 'reduced rate' for the Drake contingent, but I still think £10 a month for reading a paper once a week (if that) is robbery. I might argue the 'impracitcable' point, as who wants to travel 2-3 miles to use a mess when there is a perfectly good one in Drake? Or i'll push for a further reduction, more in line with what Drake charge.
  14. I was based in raleigh, but doing a 4 week course at colling grad, we were just asked to pay a token 5 quid. but we were canning the wets though?
  15. As one who spends a lot of time visiting different establishments I am amazed at the difference in charges. It seems messes today are using visitors to subsidise mess fees. The worst I have come across is Neptune. They now charge a blanket £2 a day without limit therefore in theory if you're there for a month they'll charge you £60. When I complained I was given the answer that since I can claim IE at £5 a day it was not costing me. I await when I visit in April and IE has been abolished to see their answer when I complain.
  16. Thankfully we've not (yet, that I know of) followed in the Pongo's footsteps and charge for 'extra messing'. I was in JSSU(CYP) and had the pleasure of being in the mess for 6 months, I had to pay for the privilege of having orange juice/toast on the table at breakfast. Oh and we had to contribute to a 'sword fund' (non-pork!) too, that was until the matelots raised the point at the Army... correction Joint Service mess meeting!!!! My monthly mess bill there, before any functions etc was on average £45cyp (2004, before they joined the Euro), so in excess of £50 a month.
  17. Maybe its about time some of our esteemed and important Warrant Officers (the ones that carry sticks around) addressed this matter. Now that there are many PAYD messes and bars run by the catering companies, the mess should become a strictly business arrangement between people living in the mess and the respective company. e.g. you only pay for what you have. I don't ever recall paying mess fees in a Travelodge. For those of us regularly 'on the road' these small amounts soon add up

    At the very least a maximum charge must be set since personal incidentals are ending.

    Since the payment of fees is compulsory, dare I open the can of worms regarding tax relief?
  18. IIRC you could claim tax relief on mess fees as you have to pay them.

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