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Merseyside Selection

yeah i was halford .I wasent sure it woz you either so dint say anythin lol . i was a bit surprised on the Selection weekend as i thought it was going to be alot harder.
Cant wait till induction weekend lol well done to u 4 passing aswell
After selection you will find that a lot of training at HMS Eaglet consists of survival proceedures ie how quickly bricks can be used to replace wheels and initiative skills mainly dealing with how to sell issued items of naval stores on ebay (without being caught)-it's a jungle out there but when these skills are honed to perfection they are classed as SQ's and count towards bounty.
yeah cant wait . so wot did u do in the cadets then ? was you in the army cadets or marines cadets ? Do You know if we have to take are bank dteails with us or not . wot did u do this tusday we have been doing the usmc fitness assment and a upper body circuit routine. do u know if we r doing the run in boots or is it just trainiers ?

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