Merseyside Selection


Hi Im currently part of Birmdet holding Troop And my Selection weekend is coming up in September .
What Exactly happens i.e any nice surprises :lol:


Go down to bottom of forum page, read 'joining the royal marines reserve', its got some good accounts on there, pitty he had to stop though!

Just dont get phased out on your selection weekend, I think thats why most people fail, thinking they are not good enough. If you are not good enough the instructors will soon tell you! Remember you dont have to be superman to pass it, they want to join at the end of the day.

Weekend exercises? Prepaired to be wet, cold, hungry, sleep deprived...


hey halford

cant wait for it m8 lol what bout u .
4 my training just been doing running round aabout 5 times a week with 4 mile run followed by a 2 mile interval training session 3 times a week . Then just a 6 to 8 mile run bout 2 times a week .
For my upper body work out been doing preess ups , sit ups, pull ups , Knees to chest and then followed by another set of pull ups ( palms inwards the pongo way )

What about you ?

Im a bit worried about the 3 miler tho .....
My names Rick Any way so if u see me down there give us a shout
Have you =been attending holding troop then ?

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