Merlot and the afterlife

Guys apologies if I have upset the world lately, now learnt moderation (ish) and no longer going to antagonise the members of this funny and uniquely loyal fraternity. Love you all - night night hope the bed bugs don't bite.

Welcome back to the real (ish) world Stan. Having also benefited from a large imbibement of merlot (pink Chilean rose 13%, courtesy of TESCO, and situation ongoing), I feel a warm glow towards all those who contribute to this forum. It may well not last, but at this time of night - who gives a s**t. Cheers!!

Stan, buddy,
Get the doctor to put you on pills that totaly fcuk you up if you go any where near alcohol. He did me, unintentionaly. Blood pressure pills and antiimflams do not mix with booze and sends me loopy. Something had to go...before I did. So bye bye beer and my friend red wine (Shiraz) and hello all its glory!

I still have the odd drinky now and again but it's a planned evolution and not getting blitzed is the over riding factor. Boring as hell though!

Good luck in your quest to stay this side of sober...reality sucks but it's manageable this way and NO hangover...that in itself is a reason for me to stay away from the stuff. Pain free mornings (ish) and eyes that point where I want them to! Whoohoo!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Get your Doc to change your Blood Pressure tablets. you need to come off those Beta Blockers fast and get your life back.
Most of my snags were boredom now I have job the pissing up is only for the weekends boring as fcuk then you die.
Once you reach 50 the only pleasures are the occasional trip to Thailand, fishing and listening to my daughter who has just joined and loving it.
Fill me glass up with merlot mate.... must keep the bugbeds off me somehow........ Pleased your daughter is loving her daily dose of Pusser. :)
Hi Seljuk
She's just qualified as an AET top of the class probably the year with 96% overal a real daddies girl and a cutie, she's dead keen on going CW and getting her papers raised wants to kick her dads arse - her words!!
She follows a long tradition
My Grandad Royal Horse Artillery 1914-1918 Ypres(gassed) Somme
My Dad Royal Navy 1940 1946 AB ASDIC sunk twice
My brother Royal Navy 1968 1975
Me 1973 - 2007
My daughter 2007 onwards and at em
Am I proud course I am does the country deserve the sacrifices my family have made - I doubt it - would I do it again - of course.
Grandfathers and uncles all farmers then other uncles and cousins special forces. Along comes me and takes a look at the land and says sod that for a living. Not having been dropped on my head at birth I decide that I don't want to dig holes all over the planet or pretend to be a tree so I run away to sea!
I came back....we all come back at some time...eventually and so did my warlike relatives. We get together every now and then to see who can spin the most outrageous dits. Thing is these dits are mostly genuine and the grandparents, when alive, loved the blood curdling stories. Especially Nan....she really was blood thirsty.
I asked my uncle why he never put pen to paper, this was before the B2Z gung ho stuff and he said it's because he'd have to look his mates in the eyes afterwards and besides...he can't spell!
I had to put down my story for my psychiatrist he pissed himself at some of the dits we all have some unique experiences, my younger brothers mates used to think I was making the stories up never told them half of it
He he oh to be 18 again eh
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