Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Ja5on, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Is it true they can go on frigates? Also as AET what are my chances of getting to Afghanistan if I don't get allocated Harrier (I would really like to go).
  2. Thanks but I think thats a lynx not merlin
  3. Ja5on

    Edited, please look again.
  4. Trust in Soleil. The Type 23 frigates are designed to fly Merlins.

  5. Thanks Sol hope you are well.
  6. Might want to check current ops also, Harrier has been pulled out of Afghanistan since June last year.

    Naval Knowledge revision for you I think.
  7. Correct but by the time I am operational, they might be back. After phase 1,2a and 2b training. Unless a miracle happens and we actually get the new JSF.

    Edited as sentance originally had a grammer deficiency.
  8. No, they won't be back ever. Tornado is doing the CAS job on Herrick and Harrier is being wound down.
  9. Woah woah woah woah!

    When did Ja5on come home?

    I thought you hated us all and were never speaking to us again after we nominated you for cock of the week.

    Welcome back. ;)
  10. Well he clearly hasn't been digging out learning about FAA capability and current Ops during his sabbatical.
  11. That's a shame so it doesn't look too hopeful for me to get to Afghanistan then? Is there any way I could train and deploy with Junglie and then switch to Merlin later?
  12. PM for you MLP.
  13. I thought I would pull a Zoidberg on you
  14. Defo a merlin
  15. Join the Royal Marine Commandos. You'll get to go to Afghanistan and you won't just sit in the equivalent of a 2* hotel for the duration of your tour.
  16. Junglies will be Merlin at some point. Want to go to Afghanistan in a blue suit? Choose Merlin.

    But if you want to go out there so badly, why not join the RM / Guards / Rifles / Paras / REME?
  17. What appeals to you in particular about going to Afghanistan, Ja5on?
  18. I like AET as a trade. I am interested in aircraft and learning how to keep them in the sky. I could also do with learning more practical skills in general.
  19. The chance to support the troops who actually risk their lives in Afghanistan by giving them aircraft that work when they need medivacs or supplies etc. Also I want to experience going on operation and I am worried the navy won't get to take a major part in one after this. Like they didn't between the Falklands and Iraq (I could be wrong about that I am not that good at history).

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