Merlin Spotted Odd Markings

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by trelawney126, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. I saw a Merlin flying towards Culdrose over St Austell at about 1500 today. This one however had the standard grey paintjob, with what appeared to be a 12' approx, wide Red Coastguard/SAR markings going from the rotor head over the side door. (Didn't appear to have the Ace of Clubs marking on it ).
    Is it 771's new toy? Any ideas/info
  2. Algerian Naval Service airframe probably operating out of the AGWHL training facility at Newquay International
  3. Trelawney

    The 24th photo on this page might be what you saw:

    My 2010 Review! (Updated 23/12)
  4. Very close to it, the red side markings were on a definite slant and appeared to have a white edging just like the UK Coast Guard Tugs.
    Having said that, the aircraft was high and the weather was not at its most brilliant.
    Thanks for both of your replies, I had missed those splendid photographs posted earlier.
  5. The link below is for the S92 in coastguard markings. It is very similar in configuration to the Merlin, Tricycle UC two rear sponsons etc. But the markings are a lot different to that you describe.

    UK Emergency Aviation - HM Coastguard Helicopter & Fixed Wing Gallery - G-CGOC

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