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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Merlin Overhead Crewe Station 1639 hrs Tracking South! following the railway lines....... Must be on a Navex :lol: :lol:
  2. Or tracking down J-D's heroic Bro.......
  3. Dabber is still very curious
  4. Anyone here work on Merlins? Struggling to find someone at Sultan to talk to about them.
  5. Used to. What d'you wanna know?
  6. Just the basics, what are they like to work on, what kind of deployments do you go on & how often, whats the area around the base like?

  7. Not on a public forum eh!!!!! OpSec!!!!!!!
  8. Op Sec? The Cornish don't have the internet yet so I doubt It's going to put the base in much danger!
  9. Okay, if anyone can give me more info on merlins just PM incase the Cornish Freedom Fighters get hold of what a merlin is ;)
  10. Culdrose is ace providing you don't want/have to drive home to somewhere ridiculous like fort william every weekend. Helston is a (fcuking awful) great night out (this is a lie, but you will get to love it, and falmouth really IS a good night out). The galley is arse as is the bar on board, but the trainees accommodation was only built this year, so shouldn't be bad. There's loads of great beaches within spitting distance, as well as the coastal paths to walk if you're not a beach type person.

    Merlin squadron wise, you'll go to 824 initially, the closest they ever get to a 'deployment' really is embarking RFA Argus for the trainee grow bags to learn how to land it on something grey. Once qualified and with a little experience under your belt you'll go to 814/820 or 829.

    814/820 are two sides of the same coin, both ASW squadrons who often embark on carriers en masse, deploying wherever that carrier goes. There's also a regular rotation to the middle east for both of those squadrons, not in any way steely though, you will not be shot at and you will get a good sun tan.

    829 are small ship's flights, exclusively type 23 frigates and if you do end up there you'll be assigned to a specific ship (can't remember which ones have merlin flights off the top of my head), you'll go on whatever deployment the ship is on, though you'll still be based at Culdrose when you're not embarked.

    Hope that helps.
  11. :wink: 829 NAS provides six detachments ("flights") for the following Type 23 frigates: HM Ships Somerset, Lancaster, Monmouth, Montrose, Westminster, Northumberland, Kent, Richmond, and Portland.
  12. Absolutely spot on, cheers captain! Do you work on merlins?
  13. Shite since "The Lady Street" shut!!! :D
  14. Helston is like Marmite. You'll either love it or hate it. For what it's worth I had the best 4 years of my life in Helston and West Cornwall. The people are laid back, the beaches are amazing, when the sun shines it's the best place in the world. Fcuking hated Merlin though...
  15. Have you got any tips for phase two I assume your AET?
  16. Got my draft back today, heading to 824 NAS in feb :)
  17. Sh*t Swampy is coming to Cornwall
  18. Does anyone know the summer leave period of 824/Culdrose?
  19. Ah, the noble art of Bradshawing.

    Last Friday I was driving East along the M4. Suddenly there was thudding noise as if I'd blown a tyre. The car was steering OK and slowing down (to the clear annoyance of the twonk in the silver BMW behind) made no difference. Then, mystery solved; a Boeing Wunder Wokka appears in view, about 1,000 ft, wrong side of the linear ground feature.

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