Merlin operating costs

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by spearfish, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. In this month's Warship's World is a piece that covers questions asked in parliament.One of them was what is the operating cost of a Merlin?The answer is £42000 an hour!!What are you boys running it on?I could charter 4 B767 pax aircraft for that!!
    Answers on a postcard please.
  2. Merlins don't fly back and forth with hundreds of passengers to Majorca do they and you couldn't land 4 767s on the back of a frigate either. So unless you know how the £42000 is arrived at and what it includes, thats a bit of a simplistic comparison isn't it.
  3. Well, you could try, but I wouldn't like to be the FDO! :thumright:
  4. No, he would have to stand to one side while the pilot aims for the hangar door and gets the nose wedged in. Taking off again might be a problem though...
  5. Lynx cost was £16000.I put the 767 cost in as a comparison as I couldn't get any figures for the helicopters operated for the oilies!
  6. how much of that is wages?
  7. According to the Defence Aircraft Capitation Rates ( ) the operating cost for just the machine is £3,162 per funded flying hour; made up of fuel and servicing costs. If we then descend to Beeniewonderland, the cost per flying hour becomes, wait for it; £41,588. That include the aircrew, Unit admin and the cast of thousands in the MoD. This compares to a SK 5/7; £3,183 per flying hour and £16,723, when the aircrew and parasite costs are added (meant in the best possible way).
  8. As you say, in sensible terms it looks comparable, it's the beanie pretend costs that b8gger it up. Unfortunately, when asked "where does all the money go?" the answer almost invariably is Beaniewonderland (great name BTW PoL, must use it more often!).

    What is quite interesting is the funded flight hrs pa for our Merlins vs the Crab ones. AIUI, the SH community is screaming for hours for Junglies, Wokkas, Merlins and Pumas and yet a force that is 2/3 the size of the MHF at CUL has only half the hours allocated.
  9. Its probably includes the storage charges in Italy while they wait to send the spares from Italy.
  10. 42,000UKP per/hr, thats what I call an expensive way of getting fresh bread, fruit and the papers on board for the officer corps.
  11. Bloody flying pay!! :threaten:
  12. Add to the cost per hour a procurement cost of £4.2 billion per 44 airframes (plus a 5 year support contract, what support) work out at circa £ 98 million each. A bargain and as stated on an earlier thread dry assembled to aid corrosion in a maritime aircraft, could they not run to PRC sealant at £98 million each.

    And some of you on this site think Lewis Page is a twat, I think not we are here soley for the profits of UK(and Italian) defence industry.
  13. £98 million each!Are they made out of gold?You could even buy a couple of fighters for that!
  14. "And some of you on this site think Lewis Page is a twat, I think not we are here soley for the profits of UK(and Italian) defence industry"

    I think he made some good points - however his solutions-for the navy at least just sounded like a bitter man ranting- scrap all escorts-build loads of hms oceans and crew them by thr RFA?
  15. I am not sureI understand that right, but could it be because the RN realises the importance of helicopters, whereas the RAF doesn't?
  16. Copenhagen - don't go double counting. The beaniewonderland costs include depreciation which is supposed to represent the acquisition costs. That's why they're so much more expensive by that measure.

    OTOH Lewsi Page is a [email protected] of the first order.

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