Mercury poisoning

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by hobbit, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Anyone reading this thread who has amalgam tooth fillings may find this site useful . This is not spam but the story of a woman in UK who experienced the result of mercury leaking from her fillings . Much more info on the web but this is good for a start . Good indicators , metal taste , strong electric shock when touching metal particularly car .
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, despite your protests this does sound like an 'urban myth'.

    The amount of mercury in fillings is so small, is fixed with other metals, and is stable within the amalgam, that it really does not pose a health risk to the general public.
  3. Thats a happy fekin post for a Friday Hobbit!!! I much preffer Wet-Blobbys thread on beer being good for you. Cheers Blobs :worship: your a legend!! Have one on me.

  4. My apologies spenny 'twas meant with good intent . Enjoy your beer
  5. The problem is with these "scare stories" is that it is easy for the propagators to quote so-called evidence to support their case; whereas it is very difficult for others to disprove this evidence.

    I could probably put up a reasonable amount of evidence to support the fact that Polo Mints or Wadworths 6X cause Alzheimers, Brain Tumours and CJD because everyone who has these complaints has eaten Polo Mints or had a pint or three. It would be difficult to absolutely disprove this.

    As for saying that static shocks from your car are caused by amalgam fillings ..... sorry, must go a UFO from Mars has just landed in my garden !

    PS: don't forget Elvis lives - disprove that !
  6. Yes the mixture of metals in amalgam and the natural fluid in the mouth creates a galvanic battery effect . I did experience this and as a result now follow the analgam debate with personal interest . I believe it is important for everyone but in particular expectant mothers to be aware of the facts. Anyway , as stated earlier , all done with good intent and with endles info on the web to consider , it's your health and life . Elvis told me so it must be true

    Evidence that mercury is swallowed and absorbed into mouth tissue: the corrosion studies

    Although experts think most amalgam mercury enters the body is mercury that escaped via evaporation and inhaled, I start with a review of the evidence that mercury is released via corrosion because that evidence is the oldest. Electrical currents, created by the amalgams themselves, liberate mercury from the filling and allow it to travel into the saliva and mouth tissue, including gums and pulp. The liberation of mercury and other metals from the amalgam by electrical currents is called corrosion and, sometimes, "oral galvanism."
  7. I got Mercury poisoning.Got better after i managed to get a swapdraft back to HAslar though!
  8. Some people are susceptable to very low levels of mercuric intoxication. I know a geneticist who had this problem and it was only resolved when she had her fillings replaced.

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