Mercury: "HMS Dauntless to be affiliated to Gt Yarmouth"

Of course, we then get the Mirror/Mail/Sun friendly amazing facts and figures;

The Type 45 class is the largest and most powerful air defence destroyer ever operated by the Royal Navy.

Its main armament is the lethal Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS) capable of controlling several missiles in the air at once.

Weaponry includes a main gun for shore bombardment and helicopter-launched Stingray anti-submarine torpedoes 

The first to enter service was HMS Daring followed by HMS Dauntless and HMS Diamond. The next three will be Duncan, Dragon and Defender

She is 152.4m long - equal to more than 16 double-decker buses end to end

Her on-board power plant can supply enough electricity to light a town of 80,000 people

Her fuel tanks have a volume equivalent to half an Olympic-sized swimming pool

The hull structure is made of 2,800 tonnes of steel - more than the weight of Blackpool Tower
Why does “weaponry†always grate so? It’s not as if it’s like musketry.

Anyway, I would have thought affiliation with Reading more appropriate.

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