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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brigham600, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Many years ago whilst at Mercury I heard this dit and to this day am not sure how true it is.

    Divisions are fallen in outside Leydene house on a bright and sunny summers Friday afternoon.

    Capt John Tait is carrying out the inspection and wanders up to the next platoon for inspection, which happens to be an International group of officers from Nigeria.

    Halfway along the front rank he stops and looks down at one of the young officers shoes which are not up to scratch and in fact are damn well filthy.

    Capt Tait: "Are they your best shoes young man?"

    Cadet: No Sir, not at all. My best shoes am blue suede, but I cannot wear dem on divisans nah"

    Apparantly, the CPOGI almost wet himself with the laughter. :lol:
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I was at Mercury a couple of times during the '60's, certainly at one time there was a big intake of Nigerians, including one TO OTEOTEOTO which caused some difficulties.
    Several Matelots were detailed off to help them with the difficulties of Western canteen messing, some of the contents of the pressed metal trays had to be seen to be believed, Gravy for soup, custard on the main course and soup on the duff were among the nicer mixtures.
  3. At some time in the early 80s, there was some kind of gap in recruiting and hence no class available to be the Guard for divisions. Enter one WOCY Dave Morris and a mottley bunch of CRSs, RSs, CCYs and CYs, who became the Guard for a one-off performance. Nobody had told the senior officers, who took the joke well. Dave told the story, with pictures, on the RN Communicators Association website, which sadly seems defunct at the moment, hopefully not permanently. That move to Collingrad and the whole Warfare Branch thing seems to have ripped the heart out of the old branch.
  4. Geoff,

    Moving to Collingwood in 1993 was one of the worst things to ever happen to us communicators. Its hard to beleive that what was once an establishment, was moved to Collingwood to a building and is now only a corridor of about 5 offices. That is also about to be further reduced with the new 'lean' systems employed by our fantastic powers that be with around 14 PO's jobs being end dated.

    I am about to return there as a civvy instructor in the equipment section and am really looking forward to swopping my Chiefs kit for something more comfortable.
  5. So you were not really a submariner then........
  6. What makes you say that, Nemo?

  7. Did'nt understand why Janner was surprised at the menu.......

    We had that sort of stuff all the time on Artemis.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That wasn't through choice though, just a crap cook. :eek:
  9. I remember doing rememberance day divs at Mercury.we were out side Leydene house opposite the statue of Mercury.some wag quips"Look at the statue,it looks like hes giving the Skipper the finger!"And sure enough it did,the whole of the Division dissolved into fits of sniggering and laughter,the Cheif GI was foaming at the mouth,but a few Officers were sporting great big grins as well.

  10. Who's Clive..
  11. You got the job then Brigs, congratulations!!!
  12. Hi,

    Two things really stick out about my time in Mercury, apart from the daily bus trip to Portsmouth.

    Working in the Main Galley we were visited by a herd of cows which were being walked "marched" along the main drag secondly was the hunt going through one afternoon and half a dozen hounds coming into the galley.

    I also remember them having a big clearout of NAAFI staff, as a load of the troggs were getting dosed up and a couple of the girls in the bar were featuring in all the cases.

    Happy days
  13. I was Duty MA in Merc Sickbay and got called out one Saturday night to the senior Rates Mess where one of the wives had an allergic reaction to the Prawn Curry,off i rush with me little bag of goodies and called the Civvy meatwagons to cart her off to QA's.On questioning it was found that she knew she had a severe allergy to Seafood!Why did she eat it??
    I didnt think a small portion would hurt!!!!A classic case of stupidity that could have cost her her life!!!!
  14. It was a real shame when they closed HMS Mercury. I was there during the 70's and 80's and was a member of the last CYQC there. I drove through there a few months back. Seeing the old accomodation blocks brought back a few memories. Not much left on the south side of the road.

    Enjoy Collingrad!!


    Neil :nemo:

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