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Merchant navy?


Hi all,

So I applied for marine engineer in the Royal Navy, passed the test and interview with flying colours, but unfortunately failed the medical, I've been PMU'd. It unfortunate but I respect the standards, shit happens.

Im 19, and nearly due to achieve a mechanical engineer HNC and become time served as a fitter. Anyway, I'm now interested in the merchant navy, and am hoping that if anyone can give a thought if there's a good career, training, travelling and opportunities to be had? If any navy guys or anyone with experience on here can give me some opinions and info, that would be great!



War Hero
Worth having a look at the RFA, Dan.

They are technically Merchant Navy (MN) seagoing Civil Servants and must meet the same medical standards as MN. The medical standards for entry have wider accepted parameters than RN so it is definitely worth checking out.

Good luck.


Cheers ninja,

I will check out the RFA.

Are the standards lower for what you must score in the psychometric tests and the interview?


Thanks ninja

I was a little put off the RFA due to it not being the military and I thought the standards were lower, therefore job wouldn't be as challenging etc.... (No disrespect to the RFA) will However I'm coming around to the idea! As long as you receive good technical training and get to experience the travelling etc..... It may be an option to seriously consider.



training is actually better than the RN and more widley recognised. in addition it will be as challenging and more sea time/travel.

i have seen both sides having sailed on RN & RFA ships.


I was wondering about training, I'd assume it's very similar to the RN, minus the combat/military related aspects of it? What makes it better Badbuoy?

And ahh Thankyou for clearing that up ninja


you get full MN accreditation with the RN, as you put it, Combat/Military aspects.

reminder the RFA are now taking on more and more of the RN frontline roles.

i work in NCHQ and if you want to chat through the options im happy to.


Thanks badbouy

Sorry if this a silly question, what is NC headquarters? I'd really appreciate any questions you can answear.

I'm wondering where I stand in terms of my current quals, when I join, I'd have a mechanical ONC and HNC, my NVQ and 4 years experience as a fitter. Would this give me further opportunities and possible fast tracking?

Also as mention before, I passed the RN tests and interview already, would this essentially cut out the middleman with my application for the RFA?


ad a Deckie, i would refer to my ME experts but would go some way. let me have your details on PM and i will pass them to the latteral entry team.

Navy Command HQ in portsmouth!



I would not wish to compare, but as an RFA Officer who has compleasted the PWO course and served in OPTELIC on CHATHAM i have a few thoughts.
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