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I am starting a Deck officer cadetship in september at Warsash maritime coll(fareham area) and I am hoping to join the RNR at some point in the future. I understand there is an option for direct entry as an RNR officer for MN deck officers, does anyone here have any experience of this? I also understand it is possibly to be accepted into the RNR as a probationary Acting Sub LT whilst still a deck cadet, does anyone know how this works? I have phoned the RN recruitment line and spoken to an AFCO about this but they were unsure, and I am awaiting a phone call from one of the units at the moment.


Can i ask you what course you are on?
I am taking the place on the BSc in Merchant shipping at southampton with Warsah.
Which comoany are you going to be working for?
I want to eventually join the RN as a warfare officer?


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I think you'd be able to go in as an Amphib Warfare Officer, driving STUFT ships. Not sure though - realistically if you are MN you'll be away an awful lot so the best you could aim for is List 5 (12 days per year) -that said your skills would be useful and I'm sure you could join.



I will be on the HND course starting in Warsash in Sept, sponsored through Clyde Marine, not sure which company yet though. Have you checked out ? the forums on there can be helpful.



Away a lot, but also home for longer than a weekend! EG: 4months away - 1-2 months home, so plenty of time to do more than the 12days min.


Recieved a phone call from the main recruitment line who gave me the number for my local unit. All people reached through that number appeared not to have heard of the idea of the RNR recruiting!! Unsure what to do now, is recruitment info normally hard to get hold of??

Thanks, R


ha, so everyone keeps telling me. please dont make me more nervous than i already am!!! I dont want to regret choosing them!!


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"Jim, MN officers are List One! Get it right!"

I will chastise myself this evening and run naked down the street slapping myself with BR60 - good enough for you? :p
Pint of Guiness would have done but having said that, would that be the BR or the Supliment to the BR? Any pictures of said event?

To be serious for a minute I looked at the RN website to see what it said about MN Officer entry and now I understand why questions are being asked here. Best advice I can offer at the moment is ring a unit reco during a Drill Night. They should have the answers you need. I don't have a BR 60 (or supliment) to hand at the moment.
MN Officers join as direct entrants on List 1. Cadets if under 20 join as Midshipman, over 20 as Acting S/Lt. You will enter into the AW branch. Get in touch with your Local Unit and ask to be put in touch with the AWSTO, who will advise you accordingly. We are short of serving MN officer's in AW. Unfortunately you will find some units unaware of the recruiting procedures for Merchant Navy Officers. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, get back to me with an email address and I will sort it out.
That looks correct to me Pioneer, thanks.Also I have just been informed that this months "Telegraph" the NUMAST journal has a full page article with all the details. At the end it asks any one interested to email them. If you like pm me and I will try to put you on the right track.
As an Servng MN officer who has been in the RNR quite a while. I should think I am correct about entry for MN officers. Good job you do not serve under my command.
pioneer said:
As an Servng MN officer who has been in the RNR quite a while. I should think I am correct about entry for MN officers. Good job you do not serve under my command.
What makes you think I don't? Things change, I was only making sure that any prospective aplicants had up to date info as the RN website at the moment makes a chocolate fireguard look good regarding this matter.
Agree. The website needs revamping with regards to entry into the RNR for everyone. At present COMMARESS is pushing DNR, to up the profile of the RNR. At present the best recruiter is the reservist himself. Although within the MN there is still some sceptism about the RN and RNR in general. SO1 recruiting and COMMARESS are open to sugestions on how to improve our profile and get people in. The next problem is retention.

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