Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by SALTY, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Today , 3rd of September is Merchant Navy Day, ex MN have been
    commemerating fallen shipmates.
    War was declared on 3rd of September 1939 (as you all know)
    A couple of hours later the MV Athenia was torpedoed in the Western
    with the loss of 112 souls. men women and children, including 18 of the crew,
    the youngest,a bell boy was aged 15, most were from Glagow (Crew) among the passengers lost were a number of Americans.

    My poem for those lost at sea.


    They lie beneath the turbulent seas in the cold and darkened deep
    Captured in the prime of life they lay as though in sleep
    Victims of the battle and the mighty storm
    Patiently they lie there, awaiting Gabriel's Horn

    They fought a war to end all wars so their people could be free
    And paid the ultimate sacrifice and were claimed by the cruel sea
    They answered the call so gallantly when our country went to war
    And now lie side by side with heroes who have gone before

    There are no markers where they lay but above them the rolling waves
    For these are the heroes who went down to the sea who lie in watery graves
    They sailed the perilous oceans to all parts of the world
    Some were sunk in convoy, proud battle flags unfurled

    Of all the people I have known there have been none finer
    Than those who crewed the humble fishing boat to the Ocean Liner
    Their exploits are written in history and surely 'tis well read
    Of these men who went to sea in ships neath ensigns of white and blue and red.
  2. Its a shame that during WW2 more MN men were killed at sea than RN men , and the MN men were treated like SHIT by the government and others ??? So I am told ???

  3. My Father was conscripted into the MN --------however it wasn't the Government that screwed the crews it was the ship owners --the contracts/articles they had to sign regarding pay etc etc was a real rip off. However they could actually pick and choose the ships they served on.
    Merchant Navy crews were entitled to all relevant medals issued in WW2 however very few bothered to claim them.
  4. Nice bit of poetry Salty. The MN don't always get the recognition they deserve for their contribution during the War.

  5. My father, ex RN on Russian Convoys, tells me that MN would have their pay stopped the minute that the ship was sunk.
  6. Thats a bit harsh. Next thing they'll be paying for loss of kit and their own rescue.

    There's no fecking logic at times to some rules.

  7. Another excellent poem Salty, and thanks for reminding us of MN Day.


    As Salty sips his sippers
    on keyboard frantically types
    the makings of another
    great poem come to light!

    We long to read the latest
    as soon as reading the last
    from the hand of the salty marriner
    from Merseyside, he spurs us all on!

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