Merch Navy Officer to RNR


I have been having a hard time of it finding any information on the specialisms/sign up for MN Officers.

I've read that List 1 has been done away with - no longer for seagoing MN.

i spent a few years in the URNU when I was at university and would like to get involved in the local RNR however they don't seem to know an awful lot about what my options could be as a OOW.

Is anyone here a current MN Deck Officer and RNR?

Any pointers appreciated.


The info online about RNR roles is quite rubbish. I believe the role you're looking for is "Amphibious Warfare" which is only open for MN and ex-RN officers, this thread has the old role descriptions which have disappeared from the RN website. Best thing to do is get down to your local unit for a chat (the AFCO can put you in touch), they'll be able to set out your training requirements and hopefully sit you down with another MN officer.

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