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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by GaryC, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. Hello!

    bit of background first: I have just finished my A-Levels (and depending up on results) I shall be hopefully going to Southampton Uni to study Mech Eng in September. I have done my SIFT interview and am waiting on my dates for AIB. I am trying to get on the DTUS program.

    I was going to apply to be a MEO for surface fleet, but after a visit to HMS SUltan over the past few days, I have decided that SM service is what I want to do (many thanks to to dixxy). However I have a few questions:

    The training pipeline: BRNC, then SEMC at HMS Sultan. But how exactly is the SEMC at HMS S. broken down? what actually happens on the course??

    what other SM spefific questions might come up at AIB?


  2. Hi Gary,

    a. what submarines do we have?

    b. where are they based?

    c. what do they do / their roles / current operations, think libya, iraq, trident etc

    d. how do they fit in with the other components of the navy and armed forces - task force deployments orion, auriga etc?

    e. what weapons do we have onboard the various classes?

    theres probably a few threads about this if you search, others will chip in and probably slag me off shortly.

  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think he was after specific info about ME training at Sultan. You can put away your pink WE tissue's.
  4. You've managed to pass A-Levels and you're off to study for a degree but still haven't grasped the concept of site searches or doing a bit of research, self starting depends on a bit more than clicking on Mr Google and asking questions, which with a bit of thought you could find the answers for yourself.
    Good luck.
  5. what other SM spefific questions might come up at AIB?


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