MEO(GS) Career question

Good morning all,

I have applied to join the RN as an MEO(GS) and have my medical soon. I am also going on an acquaint day in the not too distant future, which may answer most of the questions I have, as did a chat with the ACLO and AFCO staff, though I haven't gained the opportunity to chat with an past or present MEO's.

I know the training pipeline, and up to the end of training and gaining first position as AMEO/DMEO, but I'd like to know what kind of shore based jobs MEOs do, and if there is any opportunity to spend more time at sea, as it is definitely one of the major perks for me.

Before I get flamed, I have searched for these questions, and know there is a lot of info, but some seems outdated.

If anyone has any good reading links on the RN website beyond the normal pages, that would be most appreciated.

Thanks gents.
Yes I have, thank you SJRM_RN. Doesn't seem to give much detail as to shore jobs and the like, and more 4 pages of answering a question my ACLO answered in 5 seconds, as N_S stated on the last page!

Defintely joining for the right reasons, I'm a civilian development engineer at the moment working with large Gas Turbines, and want to know what the shore jobs are, as it sounds as if the majority of an MEOs career is spent doing it!

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