Menu Upgrade / RM Theme Upgrade

I finally done the long promised menu upgrade. The main advantage is that is will work on DII and other systems that the old one died on, and it should flicker less on old browsers.

There is also a slight shift around which brings it into line with the ARRSE menu layout and RearParty will follow. Some will get a short bit of frustration when something has suddenly moved, but please bear with it - it is a more logical layout and hopefully makes the important parts of the site more obvious.

Users of the RM-look site will also have noticed a slight update to the look of the site. Once again please bear with any initial gripes - almost everyone on ARRSE and here has agreed that it is an improvement.

Discussion about both of these changes can be found both in threads in herre and in the 'ARRSE Stuff' forum on ARRSE. Any questions, please read these first.

I hope you agree that the changes are an improvement.
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