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Discussion in 'History' started by MG Maniac, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know where I can find the actual citation for a "Mention in Dispatches" (WWII) - if such thing exists? The Father in Law was in the Desert Rats during WWII (1st Batt Royal Tank Regt) and I found his medals the other day and he has the Italy Star (amongst others) and it has a Mentioned in Dispatches oak leaf. I have found the relevant entry in the London Gazette which just states name/rank/No ... Mentioned in Dispatches but nothing as to exactly what he did. Apparently he pulled someone out of a burning tank then carried him to safety but its all a bit of a mystery. Trouble is demntia has taken hold and he cant tell us what he got it for.
  2. MGM

    Do you have your Father-in-law's Service Record?
  3. Bits of it but not all. Not actually sure where to start looking. I gather that a lot of WWII Service Records where destroyed in a fire and there isn't much to go on at the Imperial War Museum.
    Apprieciate any directions of where to go to get information
  4. A good start would be to complete and send this form to Kentigern House in Glasgow, where the Army Personnel Centre Secretariat is based.
  5. Cheers Sol

    Will continue to dig as trying to put something together that he can relate to. Got some pictures of him with his tank and other bits and bobs.

    Many Thanks
  6. Sol
    Unfortuantely they don't have individual service records (according to their web page) but will give them a shout.

    Thansk again
  7. It's true that they don't have the individual service records -for that, you have no choice but to go through Kentigern House. They do have Regimental Diaries however, including those for your father-in-laws regiment.

    Your best course of action is to approach both - Kentigern House and Bovington.
  8. The only person to own a copy of the citation is your father-in-law himself. The citation would have been printed, and would have been presented to your father-in-law with his MiD Oak Leaf. It is highly unlikely that your father-in-laws citation for his MiD award would have been recorded in his service record. The award itself (without citation) will be listed in the medal rolls (gallantry awards lists) and the London Gazette.

    Gallantry awards (including MiD's) were often reported in the servicemans local newspaper - the news article would carry the citation.

  9. Yeah got that but only says something like Sec of War is charged by HM King to record his thanks etc etc nothing to exactly why he was mentioned in dispatches. Not sure about the local rag. Will see what I can dig up.

    Thanks for all the suggestions
  10. MGM,
    I imagine what you have is the MiD Certificate - on the certificate do you see a reference to the specific dispatch in which he was named?

    Edited to add:
    I don't know whether this may be of any help? National Archives...
    Most recommendations for the VC, DSO, MC, DCM and MM (and a very few Mentions in Despatches) are in WO373 (from 1938) and are name searchable in Documentsonline.
    Link: The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Recommendations for Honours and Awards (Army)

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2011

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