Mentally Ill Mother Kills Her Two Children

After being sectioned under the Mental Health act last year, a woman was relased by Drs after they considered she posed no threat to herself or anyone else, having been granted supervised and then unsupervised access to her children, she then killed them on one such over night visit.

She has again been detained under the Mental Health Act with everyone saying what a tragedy this is - 2 children dead and a family torn apart because yet again the system failed.....
Lessons will be learned , no they wont , they never are , how many times do we hear that , thousands upon thousands of cases such as this , we only hear of the high profile cases , nothing changes , another inquiry , another bloody report , society falling apart around us , and we are letting it happen . god forbid , so bloody sad the way this country has ended up .
Its tragic for the family - but I can't stand the way we are surprised that life isn't like a fairy story ... its tough, even in this supposedly sophisticated society ...


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This rationale can be applied to various arenas, in particularly law and order - no one can legislate against what might happen, and everyone has 20/20 vision in hindsight... :roll:
Sadly it has a lot to do with cash as well. If there are only twenty spaces available, they they go to the twenty who pose the most risk.

I spent a few days with a cpn and a social worker who specialised in mental health cases, and it scared the crap out of me at the people who had to be released without supervision, some of whom actually ASKED for further help because they knew they themselves posed a risk.

Whilst I'm not an apoligist for NHS managment, budgets are limited. We on here scream for more cash to treat injured service personnel. Sadly those voices shouting for more care for civillian mental health patients aren't as loud (and are usually in their own heads).
Having had experience with two close relatives that suffered mental illness, I think that the "Trick Cyclists" should pay more attention to family members. I warned a Dr that one family member was "lying" to her to decieve her and get out of hospital, but she ignored my observations.
Two weeks later, that family member nearly killed two people with a petrol bomb beacuse "voices told him to do it". They were the same voices saying "tell the doctor that you don't hear us anymore or you wont get out" Something I saw on his face as he lied to the doctor, as I knew him well enough to know when he lied.

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