mental health

i was recently reject during my medical because i overdosed last year, it was a totaly isolated incident and it was the 1st and only time i have self harmed. im currently trying to appeal, but i would like to know if anyone thinks that it might be successfull or not?
Short answer, no.

The RN is already overburdened with medical and welfare leg-irons, and doesn't need to take people on who are pre-disposed to theatrical behaviour. Save yourself the grief of trying, as it will make the eventual rejection harder to take.


First and foremost, you cannot appeal against a decision made against set standards. Tough. Your appeal will be unsuccessful.

You will not be even potentially medically fit for another 2 years. Even then, it depends on the reasons for your self-poisoning. If you were under a particular stress at the time, then your case will be stronger than if you were just a bit bored (like the majority of self-harmers, in my experience).