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So I've recently applied for the royal navy hoping to be doing the role as a weapons engineer but through their apprenticeship scheme. Unfortunately I did go though a bad spell in my life and tried to take my own life which resulted in me being place on medication for a month for depression ,which I didn't take cause I didn't need that but did do counseling for two months which i was cleared by an occupational health therapist as having a minor mid life criss but was safe to return to work. I've been cleared by my gp aswell as the job I have now on london underground doing engineering required it for my medical which I was given the green light to proceed to work. But that will be two years ago in November, I've been reading the medical guidelines for the navy but it dosnt go into too much detail on the subject. Now I have seen in other posts you have to be 2 to 3 years clear of any such mental health incidents but would like some more info on if I should continue with my application or just forget about it.


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Sorry to hear of your circumstances. I'd advise you to continue your application as far as the medical so that you know exactly where you stand, whether there are any other issues and gain a definitive date at which point the medical standards can be met.

The generic guidance below applies. Best of luck:

Only a service health professional can give definitive medical advice once in posession of the full facts regarding your medical history.

Medical suitability will be determined by scrutinising the history - if it was a one off incidence, rapidly resolved with no ongoing treatment/therapy/medication or recurrence for several years and no repeat incidents of self harm, it should not present a significant issue.

JSP 950, Section 4 annex L covers the medical standards with regard mental health issues:

Best of luck.