Mental health nurses in the RN

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GSSR_Vvd, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I was looking into some of the medical vids on the RN website and saw that there were some people who introduced themselves as the mental health team onboard one of the ships.

    Now i know that there are no mental health nurses onboard ships so i can only assume that they were doing a visit for a patient in their care. However, i was told that the RN ony has about 4-5 RMNs (mental health nurses) and that they do not train them either. I also am led to belive that they do not generally recruit RMNs.

    Now this has confused me as both the other forces have RMNs as the recognise the need for them. Now i would think that being couped up onboard for x amount of time is a factor which could give jack or jenny mental health issues? If there are no RMNs available to the RN, do they train the MA's to care for such patients?

    Anyone shed some light on this issue please?
  2. I might be wrong but i think they are recruited as direct entry RMN's from civvy st.even in my day they were thin on the ground.I think they will be like the old Health Inspectors,they used to recruit about one every 2 years!
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    What Andy says. :thumright:

    The military medical world (what's left of it) is pretty much Tri-service.

    From my understanding of this specialist field:
    The RN needs very few dedicated RMNs because they are required mainly ashore rather than in a permanent billet afloat, hence we train some Naval Nurses already serving & also on occasion direct entry qualified RMNs as required to cover the wartime sea-going requirement. At present we are not recruiting any qualified nurses and very few student nurses. (You need 5 GCSE's & 200 UCAS points at A2 level to be educationally qualified to enter the selection process).
  4. I seem to recall some civvies from DARA being onboard once, but that's about it. A carrier may have a LT Nurse onboard from time to time, but apart from that the only other time I've seen a nurse onboard she was a QUARNNS PO giving the POMA a hand dishing out a shitload of innoculations.
  5. Look mate, introducing yourself as being part of "The ships medical health team" is exactly the same as me introducing myself as a "Senior Rate Engineering Technician" when actually i'm a bloody PO Greenie!!

    Don't pay too much attention to what people SAY they are is what i'm trying to say ;)
  6. I had a AB(MW) in my division who succesfully transferred from MW to RMN without too much bother. He was extremely intelligent although his personallity would suggest he should have been under the care of a RMN!
  7. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pusser has RMN's - some are deployed in Th, some are at Haslar, I think one or two are at QA's in Cosham too?

    Small specialist category - all other Services have them too.
  8. Based at dcmh(department of community mental health) at faslane,portsmouth dockyard and Drake plus operational theatres.Used to be a side enrty branch for any rating with correct quals but think most are now from qarnns or direct entry, think roughly 3 taken on each year to train at Birmingham??. Think they are becoming more busy as Navy does not want to be seen not providing support. Can guess they have visited a ship to either brief command on a particular person or just give general advice.
  9. What a bunch of sick weirdo's. Matelot's have to be mad to do what is expected of them.
    I could just imagine a bunch of mental health wasters in the war years. They would stop WWII on the grounds of sleep depravation.

    The tossers.
  10. In the mid 1970s, HMS Leander steaming somewhwere off the UK,we had a gaggle of joint sevice medical officers on board. I was POM(E) of the watch in the boiler room.This gaggle of MOs were visiting parts of ship at work. They got has far as half way down the ladder of the boiler room and about turned and charged back up. I was to hear later that a Sqn. Ldr had demanded "get these men out of here" Tossers yes.You had to be mad to get dragged out of your pit at 0330 to relieve you oppo for the morning watch. Happy days.

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