Mental Health and being in the RN


War Hero
Anyone dealt with this personally, or divisionally?

I see more people are being open about it but far more needs to be done.
I have my own experiences in this area and divisionally, it was dealt with disgracefully to be frank. But that is for another time.

is there any sort of RN group where people can go and share experiences?


War Hero
It's a good while since I undertook a DO's course but as with most illnesses I'd have thought it was a medical issue rather than divisional initially.

All those I've had dealings with (mainly PTSD orientated) were initially removed from the operational environment then treated shoreside, then loaned out to harmony type billets during the recovery phase. Difficult to manage from a divisional perspective as the range of symptoms, needs, treatment & ailments arising is bewilderingly vast.

It's a good topic as I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years and any professional training or advice in this area would be most welcome.