Mens Equality

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. My mate told me I'm henpecked. He said I was ineffectual in my own home.
    I went in last night and asked the wife where my tea was.
    It's cooking she replied.
    Next time I walk in that door at night my tea will be ready and waiting for me I replied.
    Also, I will be requiring the use of your body three times a week minimum and you better put the effort in.
    You will wear what I require you too for sex and perform any act I want.
    You will shop on your own and wash the car at least once a week.
    Any other instructions I have for you will be complied with and from now on I am the centre of the universe as far as you are concerned.
    I am lying in bed at the moment being fed grapes and body washed.
    Nurse says I should be able to feed myself by the end of next week if my arms healed and my discharge date is reckoned to be as soon as next month.
  2. Don't be a 'yes' man all the time............when the boss says 'No' say 'no'
  3. In any coverstation/argument ALWAYS have the last word, I do and it works It´s mostly " yes dear ":salut:

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