Mendleson Appointed to Sinecure in Hull

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Must be something about Labour and stewards, Prescott and now Mandybumwipe!
  2. Apparently Prescott is livid that he was snubbed. Is there no trough this fat useless b*stard won't put his snout in? :snorting:
  3. I did see in the article that Prescott was "surprised why it wasn't discussed with him earlier", probably because it's got fuck all to do with him.
  4. Mandelson, 'large horses neck at the double'.
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  5. mandy.jpg

    Does anyone else thinks he looks just the slightest bit creepy in this photo? As was a popular topic of debate on 'mock the week'
  6. He is still pissed off that he got dicked in the vote for Hull and ER police commisioner.
  7. I'm sure Pauline can get him a job as a greeter at Asda..............I'd pay to see that.
  8. TJP


    call me dave or forked tounge clegg couldn`t tie John Prescotts boot laces . IMHO
  9. Judging by his girth...........I doubt if Prescott could perform that task either.
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  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    They don't have to. Prescott hasn't fitted his boots for years and, as he takes the car everywhere, slippers will do.

    Both knoble lords give me the shits but if one of them had to be disappointed, I'm glad it was two pies.
  11. An interesting post, could you expand on why you believe that to be the case?
  12. TJP


    As the vast majority commenting on here are "ex working class mariners" so to speak,I would have thought that they would have had more in common with JP than clegg or camoron.
  13. So Lord Prescott is working class is he ?
  14. TJP


    On a run ashore I think he would be in the bar with the lads while call me dave and glegg would be in the lounge, if that answers your question.
  15. Yep and getting into fights and bagging off out of watch or even a game of arrows.Oh,wait a minute belay the last.Croquet was his game IIRC.Very working class.
  16. But he is a Lord, and they are but commoners...........I think he'd hog the lounge first.
  17. He's an arrogant money grabber who'd shit on his granny if there was profit or titles in it.
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I must have been at sea when that census of RR membership was carried out. Ex working class, ex mariner or both?

    I'm not convinced that being a steward on a liner in peacetime makes one a mariner. Personally, I don't feel any professional kinship with Prescott just because he served (officers/passengers) drinks and made their bunks 50 years ago. I don't look down my nose at stewards unless they are also John Prescott.

    I'm still a mariner and Prescott can get me a G&T.
  19. TJP


    I hold my hands up,I have obviously overestimated the amount of working class on this thread,and yes I admit, playing croquet is unforgivable.

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