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Discussion in 'History' started by jacko3, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. When did Men dressed as Seamen stop being issued with an Oilskin Coat? Men not dressed as seamen were issuued with a Waterproof Coat in lieu (Burberry)
    For a year or so men dressed as seamen were issued with both an oilskin and waterproof (Burberry) coat.
    Does anyone know the years?
  2. At Raleigh '67-8 issued with burbs and windproof jacket, the oilskin was a loan item, handed back at end of part 2 training (stokers did pt 2 training at Raleigh then) .
  3. Same for Ganges in '73 although Collingrad never issued them for greenies Part 2.
  4. Concur 74 same
  5. As others have stated over slightly different dates, I was issued with an oilskin at 'St Vincent' in Jan 1958 on temporary loan and again later at 'Ganges' in June of that year, when I changed branch. The 'burbs' was a fairly new novelty at that time and I would estimate that the burberry gradually replaced the oilskin between about 1956-1957. 1957 was also when blue caps were discontinued for wear during the winter months in 1957, although they could still be worn with No 2's in 1958. Hope this helps.
  6. Jacko: I should have said that I was issued with a burberry as a permanent item of kit in January 1958. The oilskin was issued on temporary loan for boatwork and similar activities whilst under Pt1 Training.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I joined in 1986 as a JS(O)2 and recall being issued an oilskin overcoat on temporary loan to be used for certain training tasks, such as the Fire School. Trainees were also issued a Burberry raincoat - as recorded in our Kit Record Book - which we used in inclement weather (over our Seamen's Jersey..!) :shock:

    I seem to remember that personnel were not issued with Foul Weather jackets and trousers until they joined their first sea draft. These would be returned on completion of the draft (hence why personnel were not supposed to wear them in Nelson), however these days most people have them all the time. Although they were still on your General Kit Issue, I rarely saw people wearing their Burberry raincoats very often, preferring to wear their FWJs.

    A number of years ago (early '00s?) the Burberry was withdrawn and a replacement overcoat, a longer version of the new-style Foul Weather jacket with the hi-viz stripes and RN flashes, was issued instead. Although they weren't the most stylish pieces of kit they were very warm but, for whatever reason, they were withdrawn - or very hard to come by - and people generally wear their Foul Weather jackets only these days.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Broadly concur with ca.1956 for oilskins, Sardeeps, but iirc the winter of 1955 was the last time blue hats were worn. The change to plastic-covered hats was allegedly instituted by Mountbatten after seeing the blanco running down the faces and uniforms of the sailors lining the streets in the rain at the Coronation. I do recall loan clothing foulies when boat-running in Portland in early 1956 (trousers, top with hood with a sort of padded thing to stop the water seeping in round the face).
  9. Think you are correct Seaweed. I felt that I was probably about a year too far forward when I wrote it. The business about being allowed to wear blue caps with No2's and No3's (when we had them) put me off a bit. I think they could be worn with working rig, certainly into 1958 and I have a recollection of seeing guys wearing them with No8's etc, as late as 1959 at RNAS Abbottsinch? (sp) Didn't want to open the next can of worms about the wearing of seamens jerseys with square rig in winter. Think that may have gone on until the early 1960's, before white fronts were retained all-year round?
  10. Wore seamans jersey with square rig in '73. I think we stopped wearing them around '76 when the woolley pulley got introduced. I still itch when I think about the seamans jersey. As I joined in November we had to wear them all the time. The GI's at Ganges used to check to make sure you weren't wearing a T shirt underneath. If you got caught it was either a couple of orbits of the parade gound or up and down the long covered way a couple of times to "warm you up".
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Seaman's Jersey was still part of kit issue into the late '80s, to be worn as part of winter rig (under No. 1s and 2s), together with the 'woolly pully', which was worn with No. 8s. I even recall having to wear the Jersey while I was "visiting" RNDQs in 1990, where for some strange reason, "guests" were required to wear them over a white front but under a No. 8s shirt... An odd rig, but I'm sure the Staff had a reason for it! :oops:
  12. Does anyone know where I can obtain a RN Seaman's Jersey size 4 made by Turner and Jarvis Ltd NATO Stock No 8405-99-571-2811. Size 4. A good price paid for one in good condition.
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    When I joined in 1951 I was issued with an oilskin and an overcoat. The overcoat was very warm in winter. I am crap at dates but it must have been in the mid 50's that Black caps were done away with. The first 'plastic' cap turned yellow after a short while. We were issued with a full kit, which included tropical clothing, which there was little chance of wearing, bugger of a job humping all that weight around in your kitbag, with your hammock tucked under your arm. lol
  14. JPWF,
    Can offer you one for a decent price if you would like. My late Uncle left me four, some or all of which are looking for a loving home. Just to conform, it's a Turner & Jarvis Jersey Seamen's, NATO stock No 8405-99-571-2812 size 4. Perfect nick, no reasonable offer refused.
    Mail me, whether a private message or on this open forum, if you would like to know more.
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  15. Square Rig,
    Thanks. I am very interested. Will send private message today. John.
  16. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    all together now ".. On his back he had his kitbag and his hammock .."
  17. SquareRig, I sent a message as start of a conversation on this site. Hope you received it. John.
  18. I am afraid that I didn't. My IT skills are not great. Please could you repeat it? Thanks. John.
  19. John,

    Have replied on the thread you started - should have some details you're after... :)
  20. That's cause we only get a FWJ. I'm gutted they decided not to bring the PCS smock into issue, would have been a great bit of kit to have when down south instead of freezing my ass off in a foulie. Instead it sits forlorn in my locker untouched (like the baseball cap!).

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