Men - an appreciation.

Seeing as I no longer work in an ex-military environment, I thought I'd better obey all the rules and regulations and show no favouritism to ladies which would give me a sexist pig label....... so let's see how long this lasts before you all go into full meltdown.
There's lovely.

70s-men-fashion-411__700.jpg article-2034329-0DBCAFA200000578-600_306x423.jpg 8b8f14292365dd4205eac732ae6fdf55--funny-advertising-funny-ads.jpg 0cbb96b8584f5258a9b34aa523be5045.jpg 250f8d1c8eab97e6de7276a5bd99fe96--vintage-underwear-mens-underwear.jpg
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I mean...Jesus Christ! Us blokes really don't look nice in our pants at the best of times.
But go back a bit and it's pass the sick bucket.

1970s-mens-underwear-ads-2.jpg 04317c2a6d54137d78036666f0ca281d--vintage-boys-retro-vintage.jpg 02_6.jpg vintage-mens-underwear-ads-5.jpg enhanced-buzz-26606-1367413147-5.jpg 6069f96bf414acd2d08a4ee47c309652--mens-boxers-short-men.jpg d8f580d33bef025f5b12adc59061bef1--vintage-underwear-mens-underwear.jpg

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