Memory time.

This is my first post on this site. I left the FAA in 1972, last job being Defect Recorder on 737 at Portland.

Anyone recall 8 and 10 mess at Osprey?

Trips on the Engers (Engadine)?

Whirlwinds as SAR?

Avpin starter 'problems' on Mk 1 Wessies?

I could go on!!


Lantern Swinger
Went to mend “down-bird†at RAF Manston it was a Wessex Mk1, anyway it ended up that a small team and me had to do an engine change. What ended up as a overnight jolly perpetuated into over a week because we blew up the starter on the tie-down base, when an “S†starter was finally sourced and fitted and all the finals were complete, we all climbed in the back to fly back to Culdrose. We got to Exeter Airport and were not allowed to do a “rotors running†refuel so we shut it down, refuelled , went to start the bloody machine again and gain blew up the starter. This time I was so pissed of that I said to the Pilot a young SLt. (whom I had a lot of respect for) after a phone back to Squadron that we would all get on a train and go back, a second team were being sent to take over, so I walked on the airfield picked some grass straws – the shortest straw had to stay behind as sentry – then we went home.
Thanks for the memory Richie.
I take it you didn't have the short straw!

I knew RAF Manston well as in a later life I went to the Fire Fighting school there for a Fire Prevention course.

What a great run ashore except for the taxi driver taking us to the 'Ambassadors' night club .... it was as camp as a row of tents!!

I had two starters go on 737, I tended to marshal from 12 o'clock to the pilot when my cab was flying!!


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