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Discussion in 'History' started by hobbit, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. WARNING this is a Youtube video from a cybermate in UK an ex matelot of a similar vintage to me . I found and recall the '50s as a wonderful time when the world still had a degree of decency , almost virginal until fdekcu up by the likes of Bliar . It may be booooooooooring to many and it is a lengthy show . However , some of those who lived through these times may find it pleasant and for those , enjoy . =>
  2. Poor old Tone getting the blame for everything these days??

    Thatcherism fukced up more things than anybody else I know!!
  3. thanks hobbit, brought back some fond memories.
  4. At least she got rid of two left feet and his bunch of no hopers, whohad managed to take a country f*cked up by Wilson and make it even worse
  5. backpacker
    I know who I would rather have in charge right now! A Lady with guts, rather than the tart Bliar,with no principles whatsoever.
    I don't go much on his replacement either.
  6. Excellent Hobbit
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  7. What, like transporting children in children's homes and orphanages off to the colonies where they often received brutal, dehumanising treatment and in too many cases were systematically sexually abused? In the 1950s violence and sexual abuse (including rape) in the home was treated by the police as a domestic matter. Is it any wonder that we are still reaping the consequences of this social disaster today?

    Illegitimate children were still blamed for their parents actions and were denied civil rights, with the full support of the Church of England in the Lords (right up until the 1980s for the record) in the 1950s. It may have been a golden age for some, but for many it brought only misery. For example in the early 1950s my relative who had been a POW in a Japanese POW camp spent time in one of the old psychiatric hospitals where containment rather than treatment were at the fore. The reason for the electric shocks, etc? Because he was waking up screaming at night and waking his neighbours in Plymouth. The attitude of many at that time was that people suffered disability and psychiatric problems because of some sin they or their family had done. Perhaps his sin was joining the RN at the age of 15 in the 1920s, or boxing for the G Spot during his time there?
  8. I was on the Albion February 1959 of the LROs on FO2FES staff on the Aussie cruise....ahhhhh memories :rambo: .....hell was it nearly 50 years ago?
  9. Still a great place but has lost a lot of its innocence

    Iechyd da
  10. ah the golden 1950s, sorry Hobbit, have I missed something?
    Hobbit said "I found and recall the '50s as a wonderful time when the world still had a degree of decency , almost virginal until fdekcu up by the likes of Bliar"
    With hind sight, my view of the 1950s is:
    The Korean War, Suez conflict (major humiliation for the UK by the government before Blair), the Cold war, The Mau Mau began their terrorist attacks against the British in Kenya. This led to concentration camps in Kenya, the retreat of the British, and the election of former terrorist Kenyatta as leader of Kenya, the start of the Vietnam conflict. London smog kills over 2,000 in 1952. Popular rebellions in East Germany in 1953 and Hungary in 1956 were brutally put down by Russia and nothing done by international community. State of Emergencies in Cyprus. UK bankrupt after years of World War, relying upon funding from the US. The loss of the Empire. Rationing still in force. Racial attacks in Nottingham and in Notting Hill, London in 58. Chinese Red Army forces invade Tibet. South Africa's Department of the Interior colour-classifies residents and issues cards to prove that they are white, black, or coloured as the government moves to enforce its apartheid policies. Great Britain no longer a superpower....the list goes on and on. Im sorry, but the 1950s dont seem wonderful to me.

  11. I suppose I'm applying Jacks' philosophy and only remembering the good times . I can if I choose go in to the bad times but I love the GTs . However , I am well aware of ' the bad news ' but I'll leave that to those who wish to hold on to it ,
  12. touche, but I just couldnt agree with your points.
  13. I agree Hobbit....people of our generation have probably had the best era ever! God knows what this country will be like in another 50 years time or even 20. Certainly not much future for our grandchildren........
  14. I had a great time in the 50s, I was at school and in general enjoyed it, yes all that sh*t was going on and I do remeber it but none of it really impacted on every day life, what was much more worrying was the cold war, and the threat of a Russian Nuclear attack, we aquired a cottage on a farm £10 a year rent which my mother and the children would go to if things started to look bad, dad was in the TA so he would be called up. Having that hanging over you was unerving at times. Suez was just an annoyance because of the petrol rationing, it was only later I realised how humiliating it really was.

    Mind you I don't think it has ever really been perfect, my mother used to tell us about the 30s, that wasn't that great either and so on.

    Even so I haven't had that bad a life personally and for most of us that is what really matters
  15. So the 50's were worse than the 10's (WW1) 20's (General Strike and womans suffrage)30's(Depression) 40's(WW2 and great freeze). From the mid 30's UK PLC was broke. From 1947 the Empire was gone (just how long it would take)Race riots (50's, 60' 70's, 80's so whats new) Humiliated at Suez not me or the Military only the Politicians and they are Humiliated daily. The rest were items that other Sovereign states did within their own borders nothing we could do about it as we learnt at Suez. Cold War just a back ground worry.

    In the 50's V/low unemployment if you tried you could have any occupation/job you wanted. Inflation very low, safety on the streets for children due to lack of traffic and worries, brilliant the Public cared and got involved. (At 13 my mates and I would cycle off to Youth Hostels for 4 weeks in the summer Mum would get the odd postcard from Cheddar Gorge or Stratford on Avon, no mobile phone not phone at home). Violent street crimes nil except for inner city gang wars, Sheffield and Glasgow to name two. drunken youths in city centers, parks and estates NO WAY. Residential burglary very low, Murder very low. Relentless commercial pressure to purchase, be in fashion, own this house or that car not a problem. No tabloid press. We had just about come to terms that we were not a super power but could still shout loud. Personal Responsibility and discipline excellent. Food cheap but choice limited to seasons. Housing pro-rater to income much cheaper

    The down side minority groups were persecuted, problems were hidden away especially with institutions. Medical procedures not as good but then that goes with advancement as does AIDS an MRSA. Long Distance transport expensive to travel you needed lots of money or employment that took you abroad.

  16. Nutty, I never said the 50s were worse or better than any other years. I just put down a few facts in support of my view that the 50s werent’ wonderful’ as originally posted. Certainly didnt mean to cause any offence to those that remember it.
  17. I wasnt around in the 50s but would be more than happy to be back in the 70s.
  18. Blood

    Sorry: Please send me a supply of your Hymn sheets as we seem to have slightly different ones today

  19. Rodger. I read your post as an attack of my view. Now see it wasnt, will put my glasses on next time.
    I hope we now have the same hymn sheet, in this forum anyway shipmate.

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