Discussion in 'History' started by Frigate34, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. For those of us in the real Navy (circa late 50`s early 60`s), go to the following web site,

    Click on "East Africa 50 years ago "

    Scroll down through memories of East africa

    Click on " Warships in East Africa"

    And behold ......... I was there on the Centaur 1961 /2? great runs ashore

    Lets have your memories there`s many ships in the photographs to stir the "old grey cells"!
  2. Many memories, of Dar e Salam. Montrawa {spelling} and Mombassa 1959. Tusker beer and up homers with the rich whites.Got involved in a boxing tourament in Mombassa it was during the lead up to independence and turned into a pure black vs. white and things got bit hairy. Got lashed up rotton by the rich whites afterwards. No sex as it was through the Suez and home. Could'nt take the chance of a stay in Rose Cottage at that late stage.
  3. Real Navy late 50s early 60s surely yer having a larf mate, real navy ?? shite kit ,pisshead matelots - the tot really was good for you wasn't it. Most 3 badgers I knew in the 70s hit the tinnies not long after turn too or was it call the hands.
  4. Yes.

    Not real Navy in 1982 at all was it?

  5. Guzzler
    Was there in 82 so suck my knob were you ?? if so respect but post war bullying pissheads were my experience in 73 at 15.
  6. Guzzler
    Oh forgot PL11 Must be a seadodging janner f*ckpig then.
  7. And I did Dar E Salem and Maputo in 86 but on a Pompey boat - janners had all got homesick and P7R by then. Sunshine bar in Mombers was a laugh.

  8. Post war ---who's war was that then. And they stopped the tot in 1970

  9. Frigate34, good site. Old ships Victorious and Ashanti. Vic early '64 I was postie and managed to get a few days shore side. Stayed at the Rex, kept a chair propped up against the door, just in case the brownhatter who owned, was prone to making late night calls!! :D :roll: :D

    Keep Striving
  10. I didn't mean you stan.

    And thanks for the offer but I'll pass on that one if it's OK.
  11. Any 3 badgers still around in the '70s probably were pissheads, or worse!
    Most of us were Chiefs or senior POs by then, and we had spirits and draft beer. :D

  12. The piccie of Lowestoft brings back memories, but it wasn't taken when we sailed at 0600 with local labour painting out the yellow chromate. We were supposed to be on a self maintenance period, but were sailed early to do the first Beira patrol!


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