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By sheer coincidence, I was telling this story only last night! I was in Haslar in the 60's for fairly routine operation on my nose, and each day my oppos would visit me, and bring me a lemonade bottle containing ready mixed gin and tonic. I wasn't taking any medicaton, so the G&T would help me relax and cope with the boredom.
On the day of my operation, when I was returned to my bed in the ward, my bottle of "lemonade" was missing! Enquiries with the Staff Nurse revealed that the civvy in the bed opposite, who never seemed to have a visitor, was really thirsty, so she'd given him my bottle! Now, he was on quite a lot of medication, and with the G&T on top, he was a very happy boy! Suddenly I had a new best oppo!
Had been in the Navy three weeks in 1963, and was taken to Haslar for an operation to remove/lance an abscess from under my right armpit!!
Medical staff were just great and a bottle of beer a day went down a treat!!
Three weeks and then back to real world.........
Went into Haslar for an op about 7 years ago.

The service was excellent, I was straight in and out in a day. No delays, no MRSA and no problems.

The staff (nurses, docs, reception staff) were very efficient and friendly, despite the complaining Gosport chavs that they have to put up with.

They even let me have a post-op ciggie outside!
Had a tendon op on my wrist and the staff were brill.
3 cans of light ale a day to help with recovery.
Wasnt impressed with the way the doc took the wire out of my thumb though,put my hand on a stool then grabbed the end of the wire with a pair of pussers pliers and yanked it out.It ran through the bone and had a knot in it.
They eventually got me off the ceiling,the sister gave him a bollocking and said I should have had a local first.
Poor docs first day and had never done anything like that before.
Prior to my op they asked me if I would like it done under field conditions as they had a MASH unit set up in the grounds,I said ok but then the guy in the next bed said he had his done under local but it went wrong during the procedure so he questioned the surgeon and he got nunky so they put him under.
I declined the offer and had it in the main hospital.


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out of interest, why are you asking? I have many, many happy memories of Haslar having spent 2 years there. I was one of only 2 males to live in the Sister's Mess and that brings its own memories! Met my wife there, was married there. Went to the best Pickle night ever and loads of brilliant parties. I went to witness lots of operations and as a non-medic was facinated and I even went to a Post Mortem. Worked with some really excellent people - and a fair few choppers- and overall it remains one my happiest appointments. Although its changed beyond recognition, I wish it wasn't closing.
RNH Haslar is featured here:-

As for me? Had a motorbike accident in Corfu when out there on an "O"
Boat. Came back with 2 broken legs, broken wrist, cuts, bruises and
multiple contusions. The Staff immediately whipped off the solid plaster
casts the Greeks had given me, but had to step back a bit when the
smell broke free! (I had been in the same clobber for about two weeks).
I couldn't fault the care I was given, and on a lighter note, I recall a civvy
being wheeled into the ward, his left hand mashed/crunched/minced to
pieces....however he was laughing his head off. He'd had it flattened on
a building site somewhere, but this nasty accident did not dampen his
mirth. All we could hear him say was, "This bas***d is worth about
twenty thousand quid to me - twenty thousand quid! hee hee hee hee!!"
(And I thought it was the morphine talking) :thumright:


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My own memories are of a truly good hospital where hard work was never shirked.
Where people both civvies and us uniformed staff worked for the benifit of the patients.
A place where one could get truly decent care and expect to make a good recovery due to efforts made by all staff.
Where cleaners to Matrons were respected and would greet each other in a civil manner.
A place where patients felt safe.

All gone to rat shit now where the staff are now implementing a 'care for myself only and sod you' attitude.
A place where cleanliness is less important than patient throughput.
A place where red tape rules!
A place where patients still get good treatment but with a little less finess than before.

A sad indicator of the times we live in where cash is more important than people we looked after.

All said and done it will be sad to see it go. The building was screwed over by a broken Govt. 'promise' of 1 core Tri-Service hospital.


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From my memories of Haslar, everyone seemed to be very welcoming and helpful.

I had to go there to see a plastic surgeon about a scar on my arm that would not heal and they were all very friendly.

More than i can say about some NHS hospitals now a days!


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Seconded- Excellent BOP!

As an outpatient, the place was second to none from my experience.

I had a back injury & had to keep going back every 4 months or so for a couple of years (but still serving on a ship). I used to see the same Doc each time and, (not sure why) he always asked if my bowel movements were regular, to which I would always reply: "Yes Doc, every 6 and a half weeks without fail".

The Doc would always crease-up.

Either he had a bloody awful memory or he was humouring me.

Probably the latter.
:w00t: Haslar Hospital, yes I remember it was a great big Victorian building I passed by often when at Dolphin 2 and Blockhouse, never went in the place they were rather protective of their ladies. :thumright:

Got taken in when a trainee with pnuemonia??.Freddy Mercury died the night i was admitted and they did not think i was going to live so phoned my parents to come down and i had the Padre sit by my bed.I received excellent care from a huge care team and remember when i wasinto recovery having to clean my bed space whilst the civilan patients looked on with amusement.
oh and my oppos came to visit and thought it great fun to hold my urine bag and to try and fill my bladder up. o_O
Stripey_G said:
Had been in the Navy three weeks in 1963, and was taken to Haslar ]

Sorry to blackcat that Stripey,was in my first week of joining at Vicky Barracks ('57) when I was waltzed across to Hasler with plueresy/bronchial pnuemonia,good memories of the staff and treatment though hauling that holystone buffer up and down the ward was a bit much.
By coincidence I have just finished reading a very interesting book"Scurvy'
How a Surgeon, a Mariner and a Gentleman Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail. Subject of the book , James Lind was appointed as the first Chief Physician 1758.built 1754--1762 at a cost of 100,000 and was the biggest hospital in England and probably Europe.
Spent couple of weeks in Hasler back in the mid 70`s,stripping varicose veins from leg,no complaints about the treatment or care but do remember being given a pre med and suppository to clear bowels about half an hour before going down along with 5 other matelots ,"Hold it as long as you can" said the nurse,the only problem was there were only 4 traps on the ward,nuff said.
Sent on sick leave after the stitches had been removed,developed a stitch abcess whilst having a pint on Pompey Harbour station,managed to get home to Berkshire and spent another week in Ascot Hospital,thats another story :whew:
Did six weeks in Haslar 1958 . Thought I was going to go to a civvy hospital but the RN 'claimed ' me . Had a burst appendix .
Treatment was really the biz ------ ward and staff always spotless and really I got the five star treatment .
No rush recovery time ---------mind you it could've been the up patient time and ward cleaning [sure beats physio --the deck polisher bumper]

Then to Chatham P7R another 6 weeks --and missed my sea going draft . Mind you they weren't long giving me another !!!

Happy days

:nemo: :nemo:
Sorry for nicking the thread but anyone remember BMH Cameron Highlands. and then.htm

I fractured my left neck of femur in Singers 69..after 6 weeks in traction in BMH Singapore I had 2 weeks on crutches before they sent me to CH for 2 weeks convaless...the place was an absolute paradise with mock tudor mini mansions built by the colonial plantation owners dotted about.
One pongo chef who was brill...fresh chalkboard menu every day of resturant standard scran....a memorable 2 weeks.
Had a coupe of ops in Hasar incuding amputation of my itte finger. Now I have troube typing the etter L.

Decision to amputate was made by the Commaner Surgeon, Commander Butcher!!! His opposite number was Commander Paine (I kid you not).

The staff were great, we were allowed to smoke in our beds and we got issued with three beers a day! Wheelchair jousting up and down the long wards and the night staff used to phone up for the chokey nosh order before they turned to!
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