Memories of HMS Sultan Killicks course 1969

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Spider063, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Long time ago but I seem to remember that it was one of the better bases to spend some time. We lived in Fort Grange,in the old stables and as it was well away from the main accommodation, we escaped a lot of the BS. One downside was Ticktocks Hq had to be passed to get anywhere and he was always on the lookout for passing trade!.
    Remember the following:- Perimeter patrol on a red devil armed with a pick axe handle.
    Only shore base where the grub was actually pretty good.
    Football in the hangar every weekday evening, boy was I fit!.
    Stripping down engines where you could spin the nuts off because they were dismantled so often.
    Night fire party, sleeping in a shed by the gate.
    The draft board at the gate and seeing my name and HMS Eagle on it. I wangled out of that one thank god.

    Must be many more so any of my era please add some, thanks.
  2. Sounds familier! Did my MTC in '69' too. Backward boning on Maths big time but managed to pass exam. After course got drafted to Sultan ships company and main gate accross the road was my lot. Had fun riding around on a pussers red on boring weekends on that gate. Worked out ok, did my ICE and did my Fleet Board for POME while there. Drafted back to the fleet October '70'. Pub at the top of the road was popular, remember 'Spirit in the sky' was a biggie on the jukebox.
  3. I was there in 70 on JICE course and the scran was absolute garbage , worst in the fleet . The Iranians /Iraquis /Libyans on course got better scran than us.
  4. Worst scran in the history of RN shore bases was undoubtedly that pinnacle of culinary disappointment :- Pembroke, home of the RN Cookery school!!. Also home to a large population of cockies who I am sure added to the protein value of many meals.
  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    They got more sex - of a sort- too.

    Before my time but Sultan has a long institutional memory.
  6. Fixed for historical accuracy. No charge.
  7. Superpom pub was The Cocked Hat ,Sultan club was over the Bridge, You could get a draft as killick of the pig farm.
  8. No, I meant cockies, as in cockroaches. My oppos and I always went to the Naafi at lunch time for a chunky pie and a pint of milk and for the evening meal we had omelettes, picking the filling ourselves, only way to avoid the roaches. Yes, it really was that bad.
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  9. I know what you meant.
  10. 70's chef's covered belly pork in batter to fool the foreign navy visitors at Sultan.when asked "Beef" was the response.

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