Memories of comics in the past

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Bunter, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Germans when shot went "Aaaargh!!!!", whereas Japanese went "Nnnngggg!"

    Pies were very generally left out on windowsills to cool.

    Eccentric millionaires abounded.

    If there was a rotten egg, there would be a musical note above it.

    If someone had an idea, a light bulb would be over their head.

    Teachers wore mortar boards and wielded the cane.
  2. :batman: Don't get me started, I owe a big debt to The Wizard, Rover, Champion, Hotspur because they started me off reading. Never went much on Roy of the Rovers as he was in picture form There were Lanky Hutton of It takes guts to be a Goalie, Limp along Leslie, Biff Benbow The boxing Blue Jacket, [ also in picture form but I'll make an exception.]And Alf Tupper and Wilson. Wilson 200 years of age who ran one hour marathons etc;- those nuts and berrys he lived on up on T' Moors would have been of much interest to the doping testers.:drool: Those were the days my friend. Last time this thread came up some rotten sod tried to tell me that Alf Tupper and Wilson were not true F.F.S.
  3. The Victor was the best boys comic IMO, led me on to Commando comics.
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  4. I noticed that all the Germans jacked it in pretty quick as soon as they came into contact with Captain Hurricane and Maggot his sidekick of her maj's Royal Marines.
    Do you think it might be possible they retired and went to live in New Zealand..........nah silly idea???????
  5. Where would I be now without my weekly dose of Dandy and Beano, Topper and Beezer!!!!

    Used to get right pissed off if they weren't delivered before I left for school.

    Where did Billy Bunter start, Hotspur? Can't remember. (edited bit - twas the Valient)

    Not forgetting Dan Dare in the Eagle, the Mekon his arch foe!! Big headed barsteward!
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  6. I 've always been a fan of the Fat Owl of the Remove! Although I was never clear on what The Remove was.

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  7. I was a fan of 2000AD and remain a lifelong Dredd fan as a result. They had taken on Tornado at one point and with it Dan Dare so that was my first introduction to him, but he didn't last that long.

    Re-reading some of the original works it seems quite childlike now, and the magazine has had a tendency to have "grown up" with it's original readership so that it is more aligned with the Marvel and DC characters than with the Beano etc., but I remember a lot of the original characters like Mach 1, Bill Savage and the Harlem Heroes with a lot of fondness. I occasionally read the others but not very often. Used to get Commando from time to time as well, ace! Most of my German and Japanese comes from that. Strangely, doesn't seem too well received in either of those countries . . . Englander schweinhunt.
  8. Yes, my sole German phrases consist of Der Teufel, Sieg Heil, Alles raus, Kamerad and Aieeeee!
  9. Hande hoch!
  10. Submariners' edition

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  11. Yes the Mekon was leader of the Treens ( the greenies ) and The blue ones were Thurons, (Had long blonde hair). Digby and Peabody being part of Dan's crew. Used to listen to it on Radio Luxembourg at 6.45pm 208 metres on the medium wave, sponsered by Horlicks, think it took over from Dick Barton.
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Therons had hair like Michael Heseltine, Treens had a jawline like Cherie Blair. Digby was the token Other Rank.
  13. Doner Und Blitzen!!!
  14. Funny that mine runs more to this
    Konnen sie offnen Ihre beine bitte?
  15. My German ran to 'ich bin ein Berliner' until the barman spoke to be in Deutch. I stopped after that!
  16. I've always found the expression "Hey Krautie get the beers in" works with my German mates.
    Unfortunately their reply was normally along the lines of "Hey island monkey it's your round":frown:
  17. I seem to remember a token septic called Hank as well. And a frog? (That may have been Luck of the Legion). The Commanding Officer was Sir Hubert Guest...blimey, it's all coming back. I rather liked the little flying skate board that the Mekon flew around on...did they name the river delta in Viet Nam after him?
  18. No the Tonkin Gulf....
  19. I'm more concerned that it says Steve Zodiac is dead! Who's flying Fireball XL5 now? Surely not Zooney.

    Stingray..first S boat with a propulsor :D
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  20. Well, it was going to be Venus but she started bicthing about having to pay full insurance due to EU legislation so they gave the pilot's seat to Robert the Robot.

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