Memories of 9.11?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by skyvet, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Today marks the 6th anniversary (?) of the attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York, and the Pentagon. What memories do you have of this day?
    The wife and I were staying with a friend in Orlando, and at the time that the first aircraft hit the first tower, we were listening to the radio in the car whilst driving over to Daytona International Speedway for a track visit. The weather was perfect, and the sky was cloudless, exactly as it was in NYC that morning. We dismissed the initial report as an unfortunate accident perhaps involving a light aircraft or helicopter. when the second aircraft hit the second tower, we knew than that it was something more sinister. Virtually all media services interrupted their schedules to give constant coverage of the unfolding events.
    The saddest thing that will never leave my memory was that of a woman we saw at Daytona. Like everyone else, she was watching the drama unfold on TVs in the guest area, and it was there that she realised that her daughter had perished in the second aircraft that hit the second tower, having been on the flight. I think it's the first time I have ever witnessed genuine hysteria.
  2. I awoke on my day off, made a coffee and sat down to turn the TV on and discovered what had happened.

    In my time; I suppose this is sort of one of those type of "JFK events" (if you get my drift). People will probably ask "where you where" when 9.11 happened etc.

    My initial thought was "oh shit, this is maybe going to be the start of WW3"
    Then when the second plane hit, I was almost sure of it
  3. In Gib. Just returned from delivering a visitor to the Rock Hotel and, walking through the Reception at RNH, one of the guys called me into the rest room to see the airliner flying into the second tower. I thought it had to be a spoof, but it is probably the most vivid imprint in my memory.

    I have often wondered what GWB's presidency would have been like if it had not occurred, but it certainly changed US and British Service people's lives in the aftermath. Shame that none of our politicians was made of similar stuff to those they sent to war so easily.
  4. Was on watch at Northwood, it became awfully busy. It'll always stick in my mind along with other huge worldwide events as I'm sure it will everyone.
  5. HMS Raleigh First Aid school. One of the stokers came into the classroom and we all went into Triumph Sqn restroom to watch the news.
    Remember thinking.. bollocks this isn't good.

  6. "politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war. Why should they go out to fight?, they leave that up to the poor"
    - Black Sabbath

    Coincidently, I was listening to that on my mp3 while running this morning.

    (very true eh?)
  7. That must have been a tough day Skyvet. What do you say or do when someone is in that state? A really horrible situation and no parent should ever outlive their children!!

    I was at work in Edinburgh and was p*ssed off that I couldnt log onto the BBC News website (I later found out that the news sites jammed, as everyone tried to log on for picturtes and information updates)
    It was my mate that phoned me from Edinburgh Castle (he was working on the roof). He said the Castle guards had ordered them off the roof and were basically evacuating the Castle and setting up an all round defence. I believe most potential targets in the UK were the same.

    I personally will never forget the feelings of mixed emotions: Disbelief, sadness, shock and pure anger. Watching the events unfold on TV that day was like every Holywood Blockbuster disaster movie rolled into one - only it was real!! The two images that stick in my head are the couple who held hands and jumped from the burning tower and the camera crew who sprinted down the street, into a shop doorway and then that cloud of dust and debris engulfed them. Just unbelieveable!!!

    Its just a shame that cnut Bush used the emotional state of the American people to jump start his War on terror bollox. What a fckn insult to their memories.


  8. Dead on Spenn
  9. Mrs Maxi and I were on holiday in Berwick, and heard an early report on the radio and it then sounded like a light plane had crashed, we then went to the chippy for lunch and it was on the telly there and we sat spellbound in amazement at the enormity of it all. There were quite a few of us there and we all jsut sat watching the whole horro unfold. I can't remeber what I was doing when I heard Kennedy had been shot but I will never forget that.

    Last night on the news they started the anniversary bit with the same radio report we heard on the day and my wife and I just froze.
  10. Running to Paranoid, eh? Must be a laugh watching you run if you keep time with the music!
  11. :lol:

    Wrong song mate. It's...
  12. Was on the Britannia Platform working nights, up and dhobied and went for the first coffee and smoke in the TV room - very realistic disaster movie on the box and too many people watching for that time of day.
    When it repeated again it actually sank in what had happened, we had a couple of Yanks on board and they were devastated by what had happened, the mood was really quite somber mixed in with dis-belief that this could actually happen.
    Condolences to the families of the murdered.
    May all AQ members be hunted down and their mis-guided lives be terminated with the least amount of fuss.

  13. I was in north africa on an expedition in the atlas mountains. I was a bit concerned for my clients as they were bricking it thinking it was a muslim uprising against the west. We had no bother and the locals were more interested in knowing if i knew david beckham and how Manchester United were doing in the premiership.

    I always seem to be away when bad things happen. In 1997 i was in the Italian alps miles from anywhere climbing when Diana died. When we returned to a local village i kept seeing pictures of her on the front of magazines but my command of Italian is gash so i just took it as another one of her escapades with her latest bloke.

    911 was a terrible terrible state of affairs but are we really in a safer world since then due to Bush et al and their determination to implement US foreign policy.

  14. Missus was watching CNN and called me to let me know about the first one, when she happened to see the second one go in, unbelievable is too tame a word...[​IMG]
  15. I was in discussion with my boss, Lt Col, at work when the phone went and one of my Cpls asked me to come down to the ops room. that was just after the first aircraft went in.

    I stood at the back of the ops room with the Ops Officer, Major, and a US Major watching it onscreen.

    Then the shit hit the fan, busy day.

    Worst for me was a recognition that in the absence of any other information then London was potentially a target as well, and I didn't get time to get in touch with my wife who was working in Canary Wharf at the time.
  16. Was holidaying in Cornwall. Recall walking past a Shop on coinagehall st in helston and watching it on a big screen TV in a shop that sold household electricals. It took me a couple of minutes to realise it was real!

    When I went to the pub that evening (Halzephron Inn at Gunwalloe for those that know it) there was no banter, doms, anything just respectfull silence. The Sunday after Church Cove had a full congregation.

    Was due to visit Culdrose next day, suffice to say that was a no no.
  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Didn't find out until late afternoon about 1630ish, I had taken a group of pongo's over Tryffan and the Glydders and having told them repeatedly to switch their bloody phones and not to answer their messages at OS Grid SH 719 584 we finally heard the news, it's in my log book.
  18. Coincidentally, I was on 846 NAS. If I remember correctly we were on watch and there was commotion in the LH's crewrrom (which is opposite the AMCO). I popped my head round the corner and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Minutes later we watched as the second plane went in.

    Watching all the documentaries, one still cannot believe that it is not a Hollywood blockbuster.

    The best doc I've seen is the one with the two French film makers attached to a NYFD.
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I was at work in the office when it happened - we just watched, numb as the events unfolded. Later that day I went out to a local pub for a birthday celebration - quietest birthday meal I've ever had.

    One of the consequences of 9/11, is that today marks the anniversary of the day that terrorism was invented, or so the Americans would have us believe; funnily enough, as a Brit, I don't hold with this opinion.

    About a month after 9/11 I travelled to the US for business; I had a long conversation with an American of Irish extraction who admitted that up until 9/11, terrorism hadn't seemed real and were just numbers and words in the paper. After 9/11 his views changed dramatically and he now believed that any terrorism was wrong, even the Irish brand.

    The loss of 3000 lives in a single terrorist event is a tragedy on a large scale. Each of those lives lost would have an effect on many more people - 3000 deaths, probably closer to 30000 mentally and emotionally scarred. The worry I have is that "politicians" of all sides are now using the scale of 9/11 as a beacon for justifying their "war on terror / Great Satan (delete as applicable)" and we're all being swept along.
  20. Know that - Paranoid is the album it's on!

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