Memorial Service - Basra Withdrawl

I have just watched the memorial service in Basras. Very poignant, the sort of thing that should have the kids in school assembled in the hall to watch.

I salute all those that have gone in our name, and was so glad to see they included all the civilians that were attached in the roll call.

Thanks to the BBC for not cutting a sad and important memorial short.
I also watched it. My thoughts were spared for those brave lads and lasses. Also for their colleagues, friends and importantly family

Never forgotten!

BZ boys and girls. You did your jobs well


Lantern Swinger
We have it on in the background on the big screens..

Very well done, watching it come to a close. I did two tours there, and it really felt like home by the time I left. Always hard, but made me feel as though I did something worthwhile.

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