Memorial remembers HMS Glamorgan sailors

Memorial remembers HMS Glamorgan sailors
Pompey News 18 Mar 2010 said:
A memorial cut from Welsh stone will mark bravery under fire in the Falklands war. The lives of 14 sailors who died in HMS Glamorgan after a missile attack will be honoured with the granite sculpture. It will be sent to the South Atlantic islands later this year, where veterans from the Portsmouth-based destroyer will travel to pay their respects...
RIP Mick :cry: Hms Glamorgan POAEM(L) M J ADCOCK CK B Easton AEM(M) M Henderson AEM(R) B P Hinge LACEMN D Lee AEA(M)2 K I McCallum AB(R) McCann CK B J Malcom MEM(M)2 T W Perkins L/CK M Sambles L/CK A E Silence STD J D Stroud L/T Tinkler POACMN C P Vickers RIP
I was down there in 2007 when we held a memorial service at sea from them as well as burying the ashes of a guy who wanted to be buried with his mates. Very moving.
Portsmouth Based

I remember that fateful day with stunned silence as Mark Henderson and Brian Hinge were mates from HMS Osprey,and given we (Aalcrity) was one of the three musketeers the Glamorgan and her crew had certainly contributed more than most to the final liberation of the Island

May they all rest in peace

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