Memoirs of The Falklands

MG Maniac

War Hero
Bennies. They had one hell of a funny accent. A kind of cross between an aussie and someone from Somerset. They all had beards too. Most of the men were clean shaven though.
Jeez Blackers ... 03:48 ..whats up??? ... can't sleep????

Local village Vicar got drafted to the Falkands as "Bish of Stanley" a few years back and knowing I'd been down there he sought me out in the pub to ask what the place was like. He was under the impresion it was like the Scottish highlands and didn't believe me when I disillusioned him and told him you could have sun/rain/fog/hail/snow/whiteout/sun ... all within half an hour and that was in summer! That there were no roads as such the only way around was by Land Rover or helo ... Oh and watch out for the Land Mines! He went off still thinking it was all "skip we gaily" and Och Eye's came back a very changed man after a 5 year draft! he he ... couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke!

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