Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. How do I word this?

    Right will standby for incoming from the usual- but will post what I have to say anyway.................................

    Creddly -- keen as F**k to join --- gets grief
    Snaps-- not so long ago got grief (hands up here I gave her a bit- she proved me wrong)
    ETSM (family strings regardless)- grief for a username he is hoping to fulfil and make proud
    Bumblebee - complete tosser
    Jancox-- literally
    2tats- see above

    but who has the right to say who can post, and under what name?

    recently we have posts discriminating those who bat for the other side, those who use a name which is offensive ( my dad was a LS(TSM) on Alliance, Otter, Tiptoe and Opposum, so I know how it is to be a Submariner), ------- surely the fact that certain people can post under whatever?
    I would say there is a definate difference between the top 3 in my post to the other 3?

    Just give people a chance- after all
  2. Erm why do you find the need to post that? It`s the internet, if you want a cosy little forum then make one and invite in only the people that you want, it will be lonely,but, what the hell, go for it. :w00t:
  3. Q

    Like I said incoming from the usual- how did I guess??!!

    What I meant was some people seem to zero in on other members, and these particular 3 seem to get zero'd.

    i dont want a cosy forum, I want somewhere where we can be constructive without criticism over names, sexuality, race creed whatever.........

    I realise I may be asking for the impossible, but like other members have posted.............

    if you dont like the author, or the subject---- hit the ignore button.
    Quite frankly Im sick of all the "I've been there,,,, certain members "if u dont like it FO" attitude---- its boring.........

    Yes its the internet -- but we all sit here and post.............
  4. Kiss my hairy ass, if you don't like older tars, sticking up for what they believe in then you are doing this kid a dis-service, if he had of asked around,maybe he would have gotten some good advice about not trying to come off as a "qualified submariner", there is a world of difference between the two, if you understand as you say, then you should know that it is a tight knit community, or it was..:-(

    But you are right, no one has the right to tell someone what to say or write, however, I do have the right to question the validity of a person who is trying to come off as something they are not...

    If that's wrong then I apologise, but as far as I can tell, this PC crap is BS..this may seem like much ado about nothing, but then that's what I would expect from people who haven't been there, or experienced it.
  5. Well, you did expect incoming, right?
    These little poppets will have to stand up to a lot worse in the mob, this is a gentle preparation for them and some of them are doing quite well for sprogs, some will probably get a dry slap from LHOM.
    As for the queers, they luv it, there would be no other reason to come on a military forum and declare yourself a sodomite unless in some weird pervy way they got turned on by it, after all, blokes who bum blokes obviously like being degraded.
    Anyhoo, posting wise I am pretty sure a lot of us push it a bit.
    Take me for example, I am a 12 year old girl from cambodia with a much older boyfriend called Gary, I just like pretending to be a skinhead tattoo'd ex POWEM with an orrible temper
  6. where have i ever said im qualified
  7. Ah at last the only true post that Ling has written. :thumright:
  8. ETME, don`t start that shit again, thats the 3rd time, now fuck off back to your ironing.
  9. Aw shucks :toothy4:
  10. Is this not RR all over - someone says something, another disagrees, then there's a pissing contest.

    For examples, the recent one about the Leading Rates Mess at Culdrose, then the, oh my god how much longer till I kill myself, about the RNR removing the R's

    Some people are outwardly aggressive on this forum, others take the piss, others get along well, others offer loads of encouragement...a bit like the real world really.

    We don't have to talk or listen to everyone we don't like.

    Shit happens !
  11. Booyah ! Spot on, just like life in the RN, what this site is all about.
  12. hig its summer leave
  13. Lingyai if you are a 12 year old girl from Cambodia show us the pictures mate
  14. Give me a kit kat and I'll blow you........
  15. Leg it you woofter (only joking don't want a bollocking for slagging poofs)
  16. That's alright mate, they get lumpy leotards over it
  17. This will be the last time I respond to you.....if I came on this forum today and being a submariner saw your nic, I would (wrongly apparently) assume your a "qualified submariner" do you not understand the differences and nuances in your nic, I think Deeps pointed it out to you, that was all I was referring to when responding to BH.

    How about we drop it, as I can't be bothered anymore and just thank my lucky stars that those days are over...sweet mother of Mary...amen... :thumright:
  18. thank feck for that
  19. Fecking stokers always causing trouble.. had to get anutie in to help you out.

    You may be on Leave ET(SM) but you should have you face in the books, and prepairing for the first sea draft. If you get onboard with an attitude, they will make mincemeat of you. If you think your getting a hard time here, you don't know a great deal. They use the F word in the real fleet (FAIL), not anyother nice word to say you have not made the grade. Calm down, wind your neck in, and get off the computer, stop trying to have a battle with older and wiser folk, they will eat you for nine o'clocker, and not even burp.

    You have been in a Dog watch and you are trying to mix it with folk who have spent more time in the beer boat than you have had in the NAVY.

    Just back off. I fear for your future if you carry a chip on your shoulder as you seem to do.

    I readlly do wish you the very best as you progress through your career, and I hope you have half as much fun as I did. But stop what your doing, you are making yourself look like a complete Pratt.
  20. would revise if had wet phase task book but cant realy trace systems at home

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