Lantern Swinger
i joined rr, as ithought i could communicate with other ex matelots about the andrew, as an ex d e submariner i get lost talking about vs ts and all the other abbreviations, threads tend to get hijacked and the post is lost, i still log in to see if there is anything worthwhile reading or listening to. i have been in the chatroom twice and haven't had a clue whats going on. to old perhaps.
Streaky said:
I post when I have something to say. Mostly in Lils, as I understand that as an ex Matelot I have nothing current to add.

Mind you, if it wasn't for us ex Matelots, there wouldn't be much of a site.
Agree Streaky :money:

I have to say we were on the Jetty together in Coulport!!

I was a better driver than you :bball: 40/30 or steam driven
Do you remember that knob with the Hovercraft?
Seaweed said:
Would a second-hand kit section help increase interest?

Idea came to me when I found a pair of black gaiters and a sword belt in a trunk in the roof the other day.
If you have an old naval Sennet Hat I is interested, especially if it's size 7 1/4 inches (no idea what that in in centimetres though :oops: )
babystew said:
i joined rr, as ithought i could communicate with other ex matelots about the andrew, as an ex d e submariner i get lost talking about vs ts and all the other abbreviations, threads tend to get hijacked and the post is lost, i still log in to see if there is anything worthwhile reading or listening to. i have been in the chatroom twice and haven't had a clue whats going on. to old perhaps.
A new community affliction , Acronymania but wgaf ( also x de s/mariner )
I enjoy reading and posting to RR, I'm stuck in an office filled with various flavours of foreigners and this is the only outlet of senility (or lack thereof) I have.

It's not the first time the teaboy has had to furnish me with towels to mop up the tea spewing from my nose and it's won't be the last time the little Filipino secretary hears me swearing and shouting abuse at the computer.

I'm a recent member, my only regret is I didn't find you earlier.

Sweep away the dead wood, refresh the numbers, but most of all, don't stop doing what you do, ever.


higthepig said:
Over 4,000 memebers , not a cheep, it was always guess when, 17 members on line, shocked and stunned.
I must be getting slow in my old age Higs, I have just realised what you are on about.

A belated congratulations to RR on reaching 4000 members (its 4014 as I post)
As an afterthought, who is who on here?, my profile tells you exactly who i am, my location tells you where i live, there are those on here who say things like "Management Consultant" but no hint as to what they were in the RN, others gob off as if they had been in the RN for Centuries but appear not to have been, what are these people ashamed of? I know that there is no requirement to say who you are or what you were, just a thought, be kind to yourselves, you`re a long time dead.

You are more than welcome to PM me your email address and I will forward to you my e-card, in which it states for the world to see that I am indeed a Project Management Consultant.

It is a generic statement because of the range of services that I supply, it's a bit of a mouthful saying "Professional Witness, Delay Analyst, Project Control Systems Advisor, Programme and Planning Manager, Forensic Planner and all round good guy and snappy dresser".

I also make it quite clear on my signature block that I was a wee scribbler, he of the shiny arsed trousers, watch dodging, blue card holding, pencil mechanic.

Sorry for the defensive comments, but your own comment seemed to encapsulate my own profile.

Of course, apologies abound if you are talking about some-one else.

I visit as often as I can and often and have certainly noticed that there seem to be the same people commenting on each thread, although I rarely leave lils, not that I am complaining as I always have a good read. However, it is worth noting that sometimes we do go through periods where the postings go quiet or dull even, not often, but sometimes, and I have to agree a lot of posts get hijacked usually to cover the same carp. I agree if we weed out the once only visitors 'dead' accounts our membership will be dramatically reduced (would that effect the advertising?) but at the end of the day it is only a number on the home page anyway. I for one will be staying, no-where else for me to go!
just had a look through the membership, 4000+ members 40% of which have never posted. And only about 6% have 100+ posts.

Higs, you are in the top 2% for number of posts (no 5).

God I must be bored!!!! - ah well breakfast in 1/2 an hour and the bar opens in a few of hours.
kingoftwigs said:
....but at the end of the day it is only a number on the home page anyway.
In some ways it's only a number, but in others the whole membership issue is quite significant.

If RR is to be seen as a credible, if unofficial, outlet for the Naval Service, in the mould of ARRSE then it does need a large enough, informed, membership to sustain some credible discussion. It doesn't have that at the moment, as SF indicates above the majority of the active membership are retired, many for a long time, and the discussion reflects that.

Of course there are other places where a more informed debate can take place, again as SF indicates, a number of the members here are also active there to a greater or lesser extent.
higthepig said:
....there are those on here who say things like "Management Consultant"......
Because I provide consultancy services, similar to TA it's a catch all. Similarly to ones role in the service, does the title actually reflect how one was employed or does it just reinforce the inherent prejudices of others.

From a personal perspective my rank and branch are meaningless because I spent the last eight or nine years out of branch and for a large proportion also working in a capacity higher than my braid would have indicated (fortunately for a large chunk of that time being payed in the higher rank as well).

fwiw now that I'm in the RNR I choose not to identify much about myself because my branch is pretty small.
How does sponsorship equate with membership?

Is there a threshhold that we need to retain before we start chopping off numbers?

Also, I'm still relatively new to the site, but I only got here because I stumbled on to it, is there a way we can 'spread the word'?


Lantern Swinger
I only joined the site in April this year, my posts aren't huge but I have had some serious quality time reading these threads. My time in the Andrew was only small compared to a lot on this site. I left in '82 so I can't comment on the current mob, but can share my experiences.

I was a scribe and I have posted in another thread a response in trying to give guidance on what civvy life is all about when you leave.

Can't say it's worth anything, just throwing in my tuppence worth.

Anyway, I enjoy the site bigtime, it's not about how many post, the characters develop in your mind when they do post and I have a bloody good chuckle at some of these posts.

China; in a far flung place that used to be under the Union flag.
I often have RR running in the background but must confess to becoming increasingly weary of having to scan through so much dross to find anything worth reading or commenting on. It's usually a case of 'Never mind the quality, feel the width'. I would rather see (and react to) a few quality posts than the bulk of distracting rubbish that seems to have displaced the informative stuff I used to enjoy reading. While I appreciate witty banter, the frequent display of petty jealousies, repetitive personal agendas and "No I didn't." "Yes you did." exchanges are a big turn-off, as are the self-perpetuating, vindictive and bigoted slagging sessions. These are often peppered with puerile obscenities and, when addressed at 'Newbies' finding their feet, they are inexcusable.

I am also reluctant to 'legitimise' some entries by adding my twopence worth to the same thread. Most of these involve posters who appear to enjoy seeing their usernames attached to every topic, no matter how inane or irrelevant their contribution. Looking at the offerings of some of the more prolific posters, I wonder how many of them give their authors any real cause for pride or satisfaction, or are likely to endear the site and its members to 'Joe Public' (including potential RN recruits) or to the professional journalist. Perhaps most significantly, it's hardly the sort of thing to attract 'fresh blood' from those still serving.

Sorry to be so depressing but that's my opinion. Ever the optimist, I hope things will improve with time and the application of a modicum of self-censorship by members. As they say, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt". Who knows? Maybe I've just done that myself. :thanks:

P.S. Refreshingly, some posters are notable exceptions to my drips above. To them, I say, "Keep on truckin'." Thanks to you, I frequently laugh and learn something new (perhaps even useful) every day.
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