Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Over 4,000 memebers , not a cheep, it was always guess when, 17 members on line, shocked and stunned.
  3. Some of us just read reeeeeeally slowly, and Nastydose's posts take up so much valuable internets.....

    On the other hand.........
  4. Got a budgie that's going cheap, cheap!!
  5. Higs
    Do you reckon it would be advisable for us all to check our members?
  6. I think you`re right Slim, It`s almost time for me to desert this sinking ship, Ive never given birth to a child, but then, never have those that crow about it yet, bitter `aint I?
  7. Yeah...lets all run away. My applications in the post.
  8. Higs has already served the French, allegedly.
  9. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The ratio of members to on line participants has always been poor. Don't forget that the figure of 4000 has been artificially boosted by the Cornwall affair and it is no surprise that the huge majority of rubber neckers were only interested in one thing. In the moments when boredom becomes unbearable, cast your eyes down the members list - since the time of the site's inception there have been scores of people who have registered and then failed to post.

    Why that should be is anyone's guess. If you look over the fence at ARRSE then there is a world of difference - a vast array of topics covering all aspects of Army life. Both sites are run by the same people so why is there such a disparity? Even so there are the thick end of 30000 members, and at its busiest I have only ever seen a few hundred signed on.. Maybe we don't talk as much as Percy....

    What I do know is that if people are attracted to RR as "THE unofficial RN site' then they are likely to be a bit disappointed, as the posts tend to be either RNAesque or completely fatuous viz Nastyman. There are other places where you can go for in depth discussions about current Service issues and where there are no fears of censure or exposure to the Press due to the restrictive nature of their membership.

    Bottom line - I can offer no magic wand to wave - I think that one possible thing that might pull this site round is an increase of interest amongst serving members who could then use it as a valid forum for discussing current issues. That would dove tail nicely with the experiences and tales from the ex servicemen and maintain the balance.
  10. 10 members signed on and 8 "visitors" at this precise moment.
    Nobody in Chatroom. But it is Saturday - and it 'aint raining.
    Is it not possible to rip through the Membership and cancel
    all *Dormant Accounts* (i.e. never posted sod all since joining - longest first),
    and then we would just see how many "Visitors" RR gets. Probably
    get the actual membership down in the hundreds. As for me, I'm staying
    in DL's & The Gash Barge - Military career over/done - will reminisce when
    necessary...couldn't give a toss if I end up as the "Last Member Standing".
    Because then it will be Mine.....ALL MINE!!!! :crazy:
  11. :toilet: Personally, I tend to log on when at work as I can sit on my fat hairy arse and type all day long being at the end of a computer, big brother would not like it if they found out how much time I do spend on here but shit happens eh ! For me I love the banter I piss myself laughing from time to time, I do get some strange looks from my working coleagues !!! I tend to log on at home when I'm pissed or getting pissed and then tend to burble too much. I suppose it all depends on how much time you have on your hands but have to admit its the same old names & faces that keep RR going ........... work = tedious boredom = RR = Very happy again !! HB :tp:
  12. I agree if it wasn't for DL and BB the site would be pretty tame. Current Affairs and Quarterdeck are dull.
  13. So i had a look at the first 10 pages of members lists...( bored got nothing to do LOL) and there are 61 people who have never posted so maybe you have a point badbag .. jus as many have only ever made 1 or 2 posts... and all joined early in 2006
  14. Of 4014 members 1617 have never posted anything ??
    there are a few who post regulary ( must be the prune juice ) so the forum is in a healthy state IMO and is always a laff .
  15. I post when I have something to say. Mostly in Lils, as I understand that as an ex Matelot I have nothing current to add.

    Mind you, if it wasn't for us ex Matelots, there wouldn't be much of a site.
  16. Stirling, I'm not having that avatar mate, i'm off to find a new one :D
  17. He he .....gud init. :thumright:
  18. Glorious :)
  19. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Would a second-hand kit section help increase interest?

    Idea came to me when I found a pair of black gaiters and a sword belt in a trunk in the roof the other day.

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