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Reading a thread on the ARRSE sight there is a suggestion that members of HMAF are not allowed to be a member of a political party. Now I know we have to resign if standing for parliament (unlike the good old days EG Captain, later Admiral Cochrane MP) but where in QRRN does it say you cannot be a member of a party?


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I know regulars cant become MPs but reservists certainly can as 2 tory MPs 1 TA and 1 RN captain have been mobilised for Iraq/Afghanistan. I dont believe it is against QRRN being a member of a legal politcal party. Human rights act and all that bullsh*t would be affected if they tried it.
Public servants cannot be Members of Parliament. If you work in the Civil Service, NHS or Armed Services as a Regular, you cannot stand for election whilst serving. The Human Rights Act 1998 has no application here. That said, in Denmark public officials, etc can stand for the Folketing (Danish Parliament) and return to their posts afterwards, so Parliament could always legislate to allow it if it chose.

This link should provide general information you need:

And this link takes you the Electoral Commission website which sets out the eligibility criteria, etc., for standing as a Member of Parliament.



As far as I knew I didn't think human rights applied to HMAF according to the MoD, I remember signing a piece of paper that said I could be called up at any time, serve for as long as I was told where ever in the world I was told and generally do as I said in any circumstances. To be fair some human right are curbed in the course of operations but its a necessity in some cases.
Any way, I didn't know about the reserve MPs, good on them, but surely you can be part of a political party, thats the point of this country. Thinking about it though HMAF aren't allowed to be part of any trade unions are they?
You are allowed to be a member of a political party. You cannot wear your uniform, use HM time etc on behalf of that party. Much like any organisation really!
Service personnel have human rights, it's just that some are in effect suspended during your service in the forces. However when I was in the ROC the MOD claimed it had no liability for any injuries we sustained through incompitence on their part. That was ruled against by the European Court of Human Rights and the Government of the day had to change the law.

I suspect that is why they have conveniently "lost" the evidence that many of those who volunteered for experiments at Porton Down were told when being recruited that it was for common cold research. For those of us who were members of civilian organisations like the ROC (who didn't normally have medical records) it would appear that all the medical records Porton prepared have been mislaid. How strange. If the MOD still had no liability I suspect that much of these data would not have been "mislaid". I know they still had my file in 1991 because I tried obtaining it - and was refused on the grounds of national security! Now it appears I never had one! :? :x :roll:

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alfred_the_great said:
You are allowed to be a member of a political party. You cannot wear your uniform, use HM time etc on behalf of that party. Much like any organisation really!

You can belong to a political party but cannot actively campaign for them or act as an agent - which would constitute political activity, if my memory serves me correctly... :?


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I have this on the authority of an Armed Forces Careers Office recruiter:
Membership of a political party is acceptable - put promoting your political beliefs while serving may be deemed unacceptable depending on the circumstances.