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Now you lot we have had two Bar Stewards who have sneak over the bar whilst off duty and without submitting a request form to "Cross the Bar" or proceed on their "Last Patrol". This must not happen again, all requests to become Brown Bread must be submitted to "Seacock" at least 14 days before departure. No excuses will be accepted and any person failing to comply which includes Commissioned and Warranted Officers will be reported to the "Big JOSS".

Now get turned to.

Nutty :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

PS Breaking News: "TopMast" must provide a new member before any current member can draw his last breath from the Holy Ghost.


War Hero
Amazing, I can still remember that version of the Request Form. Of course things now are much more efficient, the newer version is twice the size. OK the content is still the same, but at least it aids those who are hard of hearing.

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