MEM/T to ET(ME) changeover et al


Unfortunately i'm out of the way at the moment and seek clarification on a few points I'm out of date on at the moment:

1. Have all 3 Engineering Branches changed over to the ET(*E) title yet? (Heard somewhere about ME being Apr 07)

2. How has this changed the typical make-up/ roles of the Engineering contribution of the typical FF/DD Duty Watch?

Many thanks.


Lantern Swinger
Vesting day (changeover day) for ET is 30 Mar 07 for WEs and MEs (skimmers and submariners). I think AETs have already done the changeover. Submarines are changing in one go, I think skimmers are changing over ship by ship.
Dunno how the skimer ME Dept or duty watch will change.
Submarine ME Depts will gradually become less "top heavy", over the next decade or so there will be fewer CPO and WO back aft, but it's a gradual change as the ETs joining today get promoted through the system.