MEM no1 gold badge

Evening all,
apologies if posted before or wrong part of forum.
I am looking for a MEM gold badge and LMEM gold badge for #1 uniform. basically the no star prop and the 2 star prop badges as I have the others but lost these 2.
have looked on Ebay and several other sites but cant find them.
if anyone can point me in the right direction or knows a place that does sell them it would be much appreciated.

No soleil.
it is needs to be pre Faraday ones (with out the flashes).
did haver a look at that site but just didn't have the ones I need.
thanks for looking


War Hero
Does it need to be an original badge, RSJ? It looks as though Forever Jack will make up a replica badge according to individual requirements.



War Hero
Give it a few days, RSJ. You may well get a better response from other posters by the middle of the week. Saturday nights on the forum can be a little quiet but by Monday a fair few of the other posters will have popped up. They will have a better idea about badges of this period than I will.
Email here, it’s run by an ex chief stoker goes by the name BJ. May not appear on his web page but I can guarantee he’ll have them pinned to one of his shop display boards.

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