Mellisa Ann Porter

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by NotmeChief, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. 1984 - 2009

  2. "A young woman who died in a fiery wreck Friday has been identified, according the Medical Examiner’s office.
    Melissa Ann Porter, 25, from Santee exited Interstate 805 at Clairemont Mesa Blvd. in a Chevy pickup truck.
    “Crossed lanes of traffic, striking a parked tractor trailer. Both vehicles caught fire,†Sgt. Ramona Hastings said.
    A passerby pulled Porter from the burning pickup truck, but it was too late.
    She died at the scene."

    Crashed her car, stupid hurts and Darwin won again.
  3. Confused by this post, is she related to you? what point are you making
  4. I would also like to know who this poor girl was,
  5. This is quite baffling.
  6. Is there any good reason why this shouldn't be destined for the gash barge?
  7. Please do so Karma.
  8. I thought American vehicles crashing and catching fire were just in the films. Clearly not.

    Many of us probably assume that she must be a dozy bint; but there’s so much that we don’t know. Did she blow a tyre? Was she momentarily incapacitated?
  9. Come on "NotmeChief" enlighten us ,who is she ? i dont want to say anything wrong and put my foot innit if she is related to you, 8)

  10. Was she stoned, was she drunk?
  11. Sorry Chris. She was a distant relative but I have only met her twice, the last time when she was 4.

    I won't object to the normal jack banter, I just thought it such a shame and a waste.
  12. You have my sincere condolences "NotmeChief",not nice even when a distant relative (especially so young)passes over,may the young girl RIP,

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