Meet Your Navy


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Anyone any idea what the discounts are for serving members?

I loathe the idea of having to pay to take the family into the Dockyard for a day and normally wouldn't but my two small boys are at that age where grey things, Commando's and lots of stands will keep them quiet.

Shame the MoD doesn't think enough of its personnel to scrap the admission fee's .
I scouted round the Meet Your Navy website and found this paragraph which may be of help to you:

Discounts for Service Personnel are available by booking in person at the Visitor Centre at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Please show ID at point of purchase. The Visitor Centre at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is open everyday from 10am - 4.30pm.


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Cheers Sol, I'd clocked that, just wondered what kind of discount. I'll pop across when I am in the DY tomorrow.

Whats the betting its minimal!
Glad to help.

I gather from having spoken to the Visitor Centre this morning that the discount for the RN is 25 % off your own ticket plus 25 % off a further three.