Meet the Marines, Excellent Recruiting Tool

I've just returned from an exhausting day, although it was a brilliant one, at Meet the Marines in Milton Keynes, "hoofing" set of stances, and a brilliant show of the Royal Marines, although today it was with cadets who are already keen on the Marines, I think that many kids (as schools were also invited) would also be more likely to join/apply for the Marines subsequent to that day. This is exactly the sort of thing that will hopefully attract people who would not have otherwise considered a career in the forces to look further into it.

So this is basically a public thanks to the RM Cdo Display Team for the day, and a word of advice that anyone who gets the oppourtunity (regardless of whether or not you are considering joining the Royal Marines), should definately attend.

(Although it still didn't make me want to change my mind and go Bootneck!)


War Hero
Meet the Marines are an excellent showcase without a shadow of a doubt.
Excellent "product placement" & 100's of times better than just attending a show with the other services.

I'm rather pleased they've managed to get the funding to get them up & going again, particularly whilst the excellent ITV "Commando- On the Front Line" series is running.

Yep they're costly, but they pay dividends & show the Corps in an excellent light. Well done Royals.


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R Coy has always been costly, thats what happens when you bunch together the handsomest, toned, steely eyed, bronzed booties,

Your everyday common bootie is a cheap whore, three pints and there anyones, 4 pints and you get another one thrown in free...honest ask NZB.

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