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Meet the marines 2006


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For all those who are looking to join the RM's, this may be a good insight.

Royal Marines Commando Adventure Days 2006
10 - 11 May Taunton, Somerset
13 - 14 May Helston, Cornwall
26 - 29 May Sheffield, South Yorkshire
18 - 22 July* Glasgow, Scotland

link here

Abseiling – High-Speed Raiding Boat Rides – Climbing – Weapon Handling – Introduction to Self Defence – Paintballing

Abseiling Are you are looking for a day of challenge, adventure and excitement?
Are you male, aged 15 or over?
Come along and taste the adventure!

Come and spend a free day with the Royal Marines Commandos!

To book your free place call 08456 001444

Activities at each venue will include most if not all of the following:

• High-speed Raiding Craft Ride. Feel the exhilaration of a high-speed ride in a small, fast, boat, used by the Royal Marines Commandos to conduct raids.

• Abseiling and Climbing. Purpose built abseil towers (where practical) and a rotating climbing wall will allow you to abseil and climb under the supervision of a Royal Marines Mountain Leader.

• Paintballing. After a short briefing on some of the Royal Marines’ tactics, have a go yourself using paintball equipment.

• Weapons Handling. The Royal Marines Commandos use a wide variety of weapons and equipment, and are world renowned marksmen.

• Self Defence. A Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor will lead you through a practical introduction into aspects of Unarmed Combat.

• All Terrain Vehicle Rides. You may have the chance of a ride in the Royal Marines new all-terrain armoured Vehicle called the VIKING.

• Talk to Royal Marines Commandos. There’ll be lots of time to ask the Royal Marines about what life as a Commando is really like, and about their experiences of recent operations.

You may get dirty and wet. Perhaps the odd bruise. Perhaps scared.


Call 08456 001444 to book your free place

* Dates of the Glasgow event may change slightly.


Yeah, I went to the Marine adventure day in palac barrecks. Was fun, basically did everything that hte site described, butthe sat range broke before I could get there. If anyones going just remember to ask them questions, and don't assume that they're going to preach to you.
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